My brother and I just purchased the Expedition ASYM on sale to give hammock camping a try. Shortly after hanging in it for the first time I sent it out for the #3 mod. The only thing I can add to what others have already said is that I wish they had made the whole Hammock! Outstanding work but just as important exceptional customer service. The mod 4 came out and they emailed/phoned me and waited for my response (on a business trip for a couple days) before starting the work. They took the time to explain the new modification and gave me the option of switching to it. Communication is key with a small business and they nail it giving a timeline and keeping you informed!

I also purchased a peak bag and the UQ protector and it was more of the same quality. The Exped ASYM is too short for me to use the peak bag with but I have a WBBB on the way that should be a perfect match. It was just the right size though for my flashlight, Houdini jacket and FF down vest to store in.

The protector is simple and functional, I was looking for an optional piece to bring when the snow or rain may be blowing and this fits the bill. I haven't had a chance to test it on a trip yet but did set it up and it covers the JRB HR UQ and snugs up fine without being too tight. I also set it up with one end hanging open to get the bottom protection and still have air circulate inside.

Within 10 minutes of using his hammock and then mine, my brother decided to send his in for the same #3 mod without a second thought. Expect another order from the Berkshires soon I want to try out my MC Deluxe a few times before I decide but I'm already looking at those fancy doors for it

Thank You 2Q and ZQ!