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    Assm experiment

    I post this under Homemade Gear Directions, but it does not come up when I hit new posts. I thought others might not be seeing it either so I decided to start a new thread here. This is what I had posted. tnhillbilly I have an idea but don't know if it will work. This article got me to thinking. I put it on paper but I don't have a way to show it on the computer so I'll try to explain my thoughts. I started by drawing a rectangle labeled 60" across the top and bottom then 120" down each side. From the upper right hand corner of my drawing I drew a straight dotted line to a point I estimated to be 6" outside of the rectangle, 36" down from that upper right hand corner. Then a straight dotted line from that point to the bottom right hand corner of the drawing. I then did the same on the other side but I started at the botton left hand corner moving up the drawing. Then I thought if a piece of material was cut along the dotted lines on the sides and the normal end lines then folded like Arkwater has shown in this article. Then maybe just maybe we would have an assm shaped hammock with possibly 6"-12"more room from side tieout point to side tieout point. Is this shape called a trapizoid? I'm not sure. What do you think? Could it work? Has someone else already tried it? My interest in this is, I have a HH but would like just a few more inches of room to lay flat with the assm angle. Of course maybe just a longer hammock would give a longer assm laying area. Oh Well just some thoughts. tnhillbilly

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    I'd love a diagram. Despite my literary strengths (I'm a PhD candidate in English literature), I'm still crap and translating physical descriptions into anything I can wrap my mind around.

    So, picture, please?
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    even if you cant put the file online, if you can draw it out (and scan it or draw on a computer). send an email w/ the drawing as an attachment and someone else can put it online too.

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    my guess

    I'm putzing around in power-point tonight working on something that has to be done by 9:30 a.m. tomorrow, which means I'll take any opportunity to do something else.

    So I took a stab at a diagram that I think is what he's describing, see the attachment.

    The one thing that threw me in the description is that he places one end of the first dashed line "outside" the rectangle. But 60" is just too too suggestive of the fabric we have to work with, so the cuts have to be inside, and so that's what I assumed was described.

    back to work, sigh.

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    I tried something like that and it just didn't feel right. The sides were kind of floppy and my feet and head felt like they wanted to fall out of the hammock. I may have done something wrong, though.
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    Sorry guys that I haven't got back with you till now. Griz has the idea pretty much down in his image. That shape folded in the manner of the orginal post I was following. Using those extended points on the sides as tie out points like my HH. I just was wondering if it would give more room, or if it would just be extra floppy material in the way. By the way are we limited to the 60 inches in width, I was actually thinking bigger than 60" would be better. My thinking also includied, starting with 72" width by 120" piece of material, cutting the corners off like the image shows, ending up with a basic width of 60" with a little extra width going out to the points on opposite sides. I also wondered if rounded out cuts on the side (opposite a cat cut I guess) could be of any benfit. Just thinking out loud here guys trying to get our collective creative juices going. Well I've got to go for now, running late. Thanks for listening and considering. tnhillbilly ps. my scanner is on the fritz sorry I couldn't suppy an image, thanks Griz for providing one

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