I found 12 yards of Wally World Silnylon in the $1.00 fabric tonight! If anyone in a Sil-bare area can make something out of it, I will send it to you for cost. It is a light forest green.

To the best of my judging ability, it is the WW Silnylon everyone has been scrambling for...can't blow through it, square pattern, holds water, and cut edges do not ravel and it crinkles.

My Mother just helped me (well, she did the MAJORITY of the work-sewing-, while letting me think I was helping by measuring, marking & reading directions) complete a BlackCat tarp. So, I think finding this Silnylon is some sort of Karma.

When I was looking for some of the stuff, I searched every Walmart in a 50 mile radius and ended up finding my Sil at the 5th out of 8 Walmarts on a 240 mile business trip!

So, if you want some or all of this Sil, email or PM me!