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    New product line

    For those looking to buy a Montbell SS I found this information on the new line for this year. I grabbed an UL SS 0 before the stock was gone at Campsaver. I believe this information is from the owner of that company.

    "The Super stretch bags have been around a long time. Next year there are no U.L. Super Stretch sleeping bags, they are discontinued. This year Mont-Bell came out with the UL Spiral Fill bag. This bag does not have any stretch built in but stretches a little with the spiral construction. Mont-Bell will be putting stretch into the UL Spiral fill bags next year and call them the UL Super Stretch Spiral Down Hugger. This replaces the UL Super Stretch Down Hugger bags. They will continue with the UL Spiral Down Hugger as well. The UL Super Stretch Spiral will come in 5 temps. EXP, #0, #1, #3 and #5. They will be priced similar to this years UL Super Stretch Bags. THe UL Sprial Down hugger does not change from what is available this year."

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    When I was looking for an ultra light sleeping bag I was so against a mummy bag because I felt to tight in them and had panic spells before I could get out. After searching the net and found out about the Montbell Super Stretch I just had to try them. I love this bag its the 25 degree super stretch ultra light. I have not made or bought any top quilts yet because this bag suits me just fine in the hammock. I use it summer and winter. I am not sure of how far it stretches but I would recommend giving it a try. Great sleeping bag!

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