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    Hi Newbie with a question regarding designated backcountry sites

    Hi Everyone,

    What a fun place. I have been backpacking for a long time, most principally on the AT and in the Smokies. I just got back from the Smokies in fact, I got to visit one of my favorite spots, Poke Patch, anyone been there? Now I am back in Manhattan at work but my mind, heart and soul are still on the trail; I bet there are a lot of people in this forum who know that feeling.

    Well while surfing around I found and then the hammock forum. I knew very little about hammocks, I have always been a tent camper, but this hanging around in the trees stuff really has me enthralled. I can't wait to dive in and try it.

    There are so many great hammocks to choose from and I have been reading for hours here on the forum learning about different viewpoints. I am considering the HH Explorer Ultralight because I am 6'1" and about 170 lbs. I also think I would prefer to sleep flat or have that option. I am not sure I could sleep on my back in the bannana pose? My wife sews very well, so I could make a hammock but I think the HH Explorer Ultralight seems like it has it all for not too much money, I might benefit from having a hammock that someone has already figured everything out, other than reinventing the wheel.

    One Question:
    Is there any problem with camping in areas other then designated backcountry campsites? Has anyone ever had any trouble from the parks with hammock camping?

    NYC Hiker

    I look forward to learning more about hammocks and hammock camping.
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    welcome to HF NYC hiker. i'll bet you do long for the trails living in the city. i live in a rural area & think about getting back out in the woods all the time.
    some camp grounds in state parks don't want anything tied to the trees, but most it seems are ok w/ it... especially if you explain to them that you use webbing to protect the tree from damage. a lot of the personal have no idea about such things & some times they seem to be quite pleased that you are being that thoughtful.
    but if in dought about a camp ground where i've never used a hammock before, i'll take a hammock stand just in case.
    about stealth camping, there's a thread about that.
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    Welcome NYC Hiker!

    I don't know about NY, but all the park rangers/wildlife officials I've run into here in Florida have had zero problems with them. I get asked two questions with regularity: "Can I try it?" and "Where did you get it?".

    Obviously, I'm happy to help with their questions . I have had one person give me a little flack, but as slowhike mentioned, once you explain that webbing/tree huggers are LNT endorsed, most issues go away.

    Welcome to the gang.

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    Thanks Cannibal and Slowhike,

    It has brought about whole new possiblities of places to set-up camp and travel. Stealth camping has been on my mind a lot during busy parts of the trail.

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    Welcome to the forums, I know how you feel, I also work in NYC.

    Never had an issue with setting up on the trail, I even had a ranger check out my setup at a state park in PA. He told me I was just about the right distance from the ground so the local bears could use it like a feed bag.

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