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    HH Explorer w/ Zipper Mod #4
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    UPDATE--Sewn on doors for the Hennessy Hex tarp

    ZQ is now installing doors on the Hennessy Hex tarp. Pictures and evaluation coming soon. Same as the OES doors, just custom shaped to fit the HH Hex tarp. The doors are black silnylon for a good look. Same great 2QZQ quality.

    Orders can be made on our website.
    2QZQ Hammock Specialties
    Specializing in:
    Hennessy Hammock zipper modifications
    Sewn on Tarp doors, Pole Pockets, and Grizz Beaks
    Ridgeline and gear organizers, peak storage bags, UQ protectors,
    2QZQ tree table!

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    2Q, I must say I am looking forward to trying out my newly modified Hennessey Hex tarp this weekend back at the site of the Spring MAHHA hang . . . (Gathland here I come). The doors PLUS the tarp pole mod should make it work well with my new BMBH that ZQ also modified with triple zips ala ZQ's HH mod #4) on each side.

    As mentioned, pics and comments to follow next week!

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    love my sewn on doors

    i just had doors sewn on my HH hex tarp and i love them! i just got back from a nice 3 day hike with my new HH explorer deluxe and new and improved hex tarp. with 2qzq the service was great -- donna called me to verify details and was incredibly friendly. and the product is very impressive! the doors look fantastic -- and she had some fabric that actually matched the color of my hex tarp -- so you can barely even tell that the doors were added on! i am so pleased and would definitely recommend their services.

    thanks 2QZQ!!!!!!

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