Hey everyone...HF's recent growth comes with a big increase in posts and administrivia duties, so the mod staff decided to bring on more support to help HF continue running smoothly. We looked for folks who were online a lot (like all caps A LOT, actually), had the respect of the community, and always participated in the spirit of the community that we try to foster here. Several names came up, but we settled on Cannibal and NCPatrick...please welcome them to the HF mod staff!

For the members, they'll be able to handle spam notifications, moving threads into the appropriate subforums to keep things organized, or editing/moderating inappropriate posts. Requests to change usernames will still have to go to angrysparrow, headchange4u or me...but if you send it to them they'll just forward to us.

We're pretty excited to have two more folks to help keep HF the community it has grown into, and hope that you are too.

The HF Mod Staff
Just Jeff, angrysparrow, slowhike, headchange4u, and now Cannibal and NCPatrick!
(And of course attroll when he's not thru-hiking)