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    Blood Mountain, Ga Camping Closure

    FYI - From the ATC Facebook page:

    BLOOD MOUNTAIN, GA CAMPING CLOSURE. The AT between Neels Gap and Jarrard Gap is closed to camping as a safety measure until further notice. This includes Blood Mtn and Woods Hole Shelters. Day hiking is allowed. Any camping on side trails should take place at least 1/4 mile from AT. Persistent bear activity has led to this temporary closure. Call the US Forest Service at 706-745-6928 if you have questions.

    We did not experience any of the bear problems listed on our April hike, but talked with a couple of through hikers that had problems at Wood's Hole. I have also heard a couple of reports of a hiker shooting a bear at Wood's Hole Shelter in April, but that remains unfounded as far as I can tell.

    Yet another reason that I LOVE my BB - getting away from the Shelters!

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    Man, first the fire ban and now this?

    I mean, the worst night of my life was spent in BM shelter with 80mph winds at around 35deg with a wet bag.. but still.

    Honestly I've seen way more tracks below woody than I have north of it.

    I've never run into bears in that section, and considering the number of times I've been through, and the extreme number of rumors associated in adverse proportion(i.e. extremely unlikely B.S. stories from clowns), I'm starting to think they don't really "live 'round there.".

    Anyway, that sucks I guess.

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    They had closed that section for a while and reopened it a few days ago... now they have prohibited camping. Might be best to check this link for the latest info:
    Youngblood AT2000

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    I had posted on one of avber threads when he was planning a hike thru the area last week, but pulled the post when the closure was lifted. The Conservancy reported the section closed to eradicate a bear. Reporting closure lifted. again as Youngblood recomends check with FS or AT.
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