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    Kaia and I are finally home. we had a great time. thanks to all.
    "See Ya's in the videos"
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    I made it back to the Atl tired and happy. Good to see old friends and new. The big ditch can't be described, only experienced! Hawkeye you put together one heck of a hang.
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    Had a great time in the Gorge. Thanks to Hawkeye for setting this up. I had to come back a day early but plan on getting back to spend a few nights down on the river.

    2sticks video and our trip report is in the thread below
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    Thanks to Hawk-eye and all those that helped orchestrate this wonderful event
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    Thumbs up

    Well got home this afternoon after an extra night in a secret campsite with Mtncmpr, Hickery, JerryW, and Finn ... and a breakfast at Louise's

    Things I learned this week:

    A stove can be too loud
    Happycamper really is ...
    Hooch has a deep dark side that will be revealed
    Two Sticks is a sweet and cute as she is in the video's
    Two Sticks Dad is a great guy
    A Chipmunk hole is not a cathole
    Jennifer has the patience of a saint!
    There is a pie goddess in the north!
    Ninja Ranger is a real Ninja Ranger!
    Did I mention Hooch has a dark side?
    Thing1 has mysterious powers of fire!
    A hot shower after a week in the woods is a great thing
    Dog slobber is soothing
    Shaving six days of stubble should be done with a new blade!
    PF may be a serial killer
    Methane gas in the hands (figuratively speaking) of Hickery can be explosive
    The legend of the lone gorge rat is real!

    ... and many many more things ... some of which will be revealed in my video trip report later this week.

    Great bunch of fine folks to spend the week with in the woods ... new and old.

    MODS ... you can lock this down now and we can continue in the trip reports!

    WARNING: Will discuss Rhurbarb Strawberry Pie and Livermush at random.

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