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Thread: Sewing Machines

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    Did the stop motion screw come loose??

    It's on the hand wheel and you loosen it to fill bobbins. If it were loose, it would cause the symptoms you describe.

    Mine jammed up onceand I had to back it up by hand to clear the problem.

    Unfortunately, I can't remember any details.

    Good Luck


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    I also just found a picture of a typical sewing machine and there is a belt from the motor ( which is mounted low to the handwheel, inside the case).

    If that were broken, you'd have the same symptoms.

    A broken belt should be an easy fix

    More good luck


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    Thanks. I'll check that out. I have another machine to use and that one broke when I didn't have time to look at it. I'll take it apart and look at it. When I filled bobbins on this machine the needle still went up and down, so I do not think it was the problem.

    I don't want to get ride of a easily fixable machine (I also like the fact that it was my grandma's), but it had a few other problems. Lately it would only work on full go. That made some of the sewing harder and not as pretty as I would like.
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    anyone familiar with this type of machine. This belonged to my mother. the needle won't go up and down. No troubleshooting tips in the online manual

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    ewker... you may need to up-grade the micro chip if it's not been used in a while.
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    I had one like that years ago. First, does it hum when you push on the pedal? If not, the motor probably isn't getting any electricity. (bad cord)

    If it hums - Does the thing that winds the bobbin spin when you press on the pedal? If so, see if there is some sort of button or flip switch (usually on or near the big wheel to the right) that will get the needle to move.

    If the bobbin winder does not work, you need to remove the outer case to inspect the guts of the machine. Mine had a drive belt inside that attached the part that made the needle go up and down to the motor. I couldn't get a replacement belt, but found the belt for a Hoover vacuum cleaner worked just fine .

    The machine also likely needs to be oiled and have the dust cleaned out. The older machines would seize up if not oiled.

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    I will check to see if the bobbin winder works tomorrow. The wheel turns slow or fast depending on how much my knee presses on the pedal. The pedal is attached to the side of the cabinet. It has a handle that lowers so you can depress it by your knee.

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