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    WTB UL Backpack: Golite, ULA, etc

    Looking to buy a good condition ultralight backpack--need a man's Medium or preferably Large. Looking for something like a Golite Pinnacle, ULA Catalyst, etc. I'm open to all UL brands. I'm in Virginia and can pay via Paypal or whatever method works for the seller.

    Thanks, love this forum. Travelpro

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    Still looking. Does anyone have a ULA Catalyst (preferably Large torso Medium belt), SMD Traveler or SMD Starlite, or MLD Ark that you aren't using and would like to get out of? I can do PayPal. I'm transitioning suddenly to full UL mode due to a knee injury. Thanks.

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    I have a Golite Pinnacle pack. 2008 model, doesn't have hip belt pockets, never used. Packed a few times in the house but still use my Osprey pack instead. Its a large and light blue color. Paid $120, would like $80 this includes shipping.
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    Its not what your looking for but just so you know I have a Gregory Baltoro 70 in very goood condition...its probally heavier then what your looking for but im asking $100 for it if interested...
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    I've been using an alpine vapor for awhile and really like it. It is a vapor trail with a beefier material and some climbing specific attachments that can easily be removed if you dislike them (would take it down a couple oz's). 2lb 13oz for the long I believe. For only 5oz over the vapor trail I think that is a pretty good sacrifice for thicker material.

    I'm a 21-22" torso and use a long. I do favor longer pack size wise though.

    Sierra trading post has them for a really good price right now. $119 and you can easily find a 20-25% coupon floating around. I remember seeing an ad on there site for new customers sign up and get a 25% code?... I'm not sure. If you can find a 25% code it comes out to an even 100 including shipping. Tough well made little pack.

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    Still looking

    Thanks BB for taking the time for such a good tip. Love this forum.

    The Baltoro is a great pack, thanks for offering, but I already have that kind of heavyduty bombproof pack. Great for its uses but I'm looking for something lighter but still decent bag capacity for winter/higher volume loads.

    Looking for ULA Catalyst/Circuit, MDL Ark, SMD Traveler, etc in the 4000cu in + range. Open to suggestions.

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