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    Over the last few year i've M/C over 20,000 miles of hammock camping...Routinely we hang 3 or 4 nights then find a 1950 style, cheap, hotel to clean up and then do it again...The great south west presented issues to hanging but we always found an answer by planning to stop near water and searching the "tent areas"... Once we cabled a swing set to a barb wire fence post in north Texas then hung two hammocks from it to the only tree in the area...It worked

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tedinski View Post
    Anybody else like to hammock-camp along their bike routes? If so, do you use established campgrounds, or just go for "ye ole backroads" and opt for the stealth camp options?

    I found an absolute dearth of campgrounds that are hammock-friendly. I was kinda wishing I'd brought a tent!
    I'm leaving next week for a motorcycle trip out west. I've done lots of motorcycle camping in the past few years, but this will be my first trip camping with a hammock. I'm really looking forward to it.

    I'll probably do a lot of state park and national forest camping, but I'm curious to see how any commercial campgrounds I camp in react to the hammock. I will be doing some stealth camping, too.

    I'll probably do a trip report here.

    Nice bike! And cool trip!


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    Great trip report.

    Yep, commercial campgrounds (including government run) are naturally tent oriented. At least with a bike you could carry both.

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