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    Hy there

    I put an UP to this thread for I am too looking for some device to solve the unmanned hammock issue"
    I too have googled it with no result
    The only patents I found don't seem to be very efficient, because they don't consider the part of non-linearity and resonance this kind of motion involves

    ex here or here

    I guess those two devices, would quickly go to an erratic motion
    So we need some electronical part within the device that "reads" the movment...

    I assume one time the motion is initialized, the force to maintain it would be quite weak. For my part the knowing of this force would be a first step.
    So my questions :

    Is there any physic specialist to give me a clear (and easy to understand !) equation that consider the different parameters that play in a hammock swing ?

    What would be the minimal strengh we need to apply ?

    Would a 12V device be powefull enough to fullfill this ?

    Those essential questions would determinate if I go further in this Great Quest : the quest for the release of the laziest hammockers all over the world !!!

    see you

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    Funny to see this post show up --- I've actually tinkered with this idea years ago. Here's what I learned:

    - The idea of a motor like the 12v wiper assembly to push/pull on the hammock only works when it's in sync with the swing of the hammock, and that's not very often! The best luck I had with this was using a bungee to connect the cam to the hammock, so that out-of-sync pulls didn't really stop the natural swinging motion. Not a winner in my opinion.

    - The ultimate solution, I believe, is a system that senses when the hammock reaches one side of its swing, and then pushes or pulls it the opposite direction. It would then wait until the hammock swings back and trips the sensor, so it can give another push or pull. This idea would allow for speed differences due to weight, swing distance, etc.

    If I was going to fab-up one of these systems (and now that you've got me thinking, I might just have to work on it ...) I'd try to build a small battery powered box that would sit on the ground beside the hammock, maybe staked down or anchored to a tree about 4 or 5' away. A line coming from the box would hook to the center of the hammock. When the hammock swings away from the box, the line gets tight, pulling on a switch that tells the motor to give a tug on the line. I think it would only need to pull the line about 6" to effectively keep up the momentum, as long as it it timed correctly. Maybe use a short piece of shock cord or bungee on one end of the line to smooth out the tug.

    Just my $.02 for what it's worth --- That and some more change will buy me a senior coffee at McD's in a few years


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    I am no physics expert, but I bet something can be made from an old motorized baby swing chair rocker, specifically the ones with the chair hanging from the rocker assembly from a single point. The low voltage motor and assembly looks like it can do the motions needed for rocking a hammock with minor modifications.

    I can post pics later if I haven't given a good enough description.

    Interesting to see what people here will inevitably come up with!

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    When our kiddos were little, they sat in one of these wind-up baby swings. No power needed, just crank up the mechanism and set the chair to a'swinging. It'd rock for probably 20 minutes, IIRC. As soon as it'd stop, they would wake and start crying.

    I dont see why the same technology cant work for hammocks....just gotta find somebody to crank it up every 20 minutes.

    Edit..Chenvre beat me to it, I didnt read all the posts.

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    Mechanical Hammock Rocker

    Quote Originally Posted by maybaum View Post
    As the ultimate retired guy, I am seeking a powered device to swing my hammock whilst I read a book. I have found no such device by a Google search and wondered if anyone here knows of such a device.
    my idea is the grandfather clock weighted chain falling. from a drive sprocket directing energy to a coil spring and a gear that triggered when the hammock reached top of pendulum swing the energy from a twenty five to fifty pound weight suspended on a chain geared tooth wheel ( similar to Grandfather clock action). twenty feet up the tree. this falling weight could the produce enough energy to continue the swing action.this could possibly last for ten minutes before hoisting the weight back up the tree. the old pull of the rope method would never allow me to get fully asleep and make it difficult to turn the pages of a book.I need some money and some brain power to make this a reality.

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    Build one

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    Can't believe I just found this discussion

    There are some excellent insights and ideas presented here for an automatic rocking mechanism. I have struggled with insomnia for many many years, and after stabbing at more kinds of relief than I can mention (including 3 overnight sleep studies), I've recently discovered I tend to drift off in a swinging hammock. Got my attention, believe me! Unfortunately, I need to keep it swinging.

    I started researching on line, and found a 2011 scientific study verifying this effect (with striking results). Oddly, I can't find any mention of this phenomenon in the insomnia forums. All I can say is, given how much of a problem insomnia is becoming, this business of rocking to sleep should be...big business! If there was a product that worked, that I could hook up to a hammock (or suspended bed), I would buy it immediately. But all I can find are patents...only one of which seems plausible based on some things mentioned in this thread. If any of you can contribute more ideas on this, please do so. It's smacks of a really great idea, hard to believe it isn't marketed. More practical suggestions...please!

    Randy A.

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    Ha! Randy, I noticed you posted at 3:48 a.m.
    My longstanding wish has been to hire a Sherpa, not to carry my backpack, but to stand by my hammock and rock it all night!
    "Life is a Project!"

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    It's funny for me to see this thread. Just yesterday my son said "Daddy, I wish there was something to keep my hammock swinging, so I don't have to keep doing it myself".

    I just chuckled and told him to give the wall a nudge every so often. I'll keep an eye on this thread to see if any of you figure out a way to make me his hero 😀

    His hammock is under his loft bed, and I put some LED lights underneath for him. He hasn't slept in his bed since the hammock got hung. It's made from a curtain.

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    My rope hammock is on a metal frame.
    I also have a chair hammock hanging in a tree.
    I put my girl friend in the chair hammock with her phone.
    I put my hammock next to her in her chair hammock.
    She puts her foot on my hammock and swings me while she is texting.
    She not very consistent and when I complain - I end up on the ground.
    I threaten to get a new girl friend I end up on the ground.
    I threaten to cut down her chair hammock I end up on the ground.
    I want to replace my girl friend with a motor and move my hammock away from her.

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