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Thread: New to trees

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    Welcome to HF from over in Bama. Have fun on the trip. You may not be a hanger,yet, but any pictures and a trip report would be very much appreciated. If you can't find the info that you are looking for by all means ask away with the questions, someone will have the answer for ya!
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    Shug: That's 6,430 seconds of my life I won't get back. It's OK, though...I woulda wasted 'em otherwise.

    Slopes: Dunno about gentle and predictable sierras . . . but . . . yeah, not having to carry all your water really changes what you can do. I wound up selling my boat before moving to Dallas but for years was a fairly active coastal sailor. There, of course, you are surrounded by water...and you still need to carry everything you are going to drink. Maybe I just enjoy lugging water around for some reason.

    Cannibal: Thanks for the heads up about state parks in CO. Last year I flew into Colorado on a business trip and took an extra four days to cruise around parts of CO and WY in my rental car, camping along the way. I got to chatting with a fed (park or forest, can't quite remember) -- she suggested I park alongside the road, hike a few hundred feet into the woods, and set up camp for the night. I didn't (final night and I wanted a shower before heading to the airport) but that's my plan this time around.

    Everyone: Thanks again for the welcome. I'm sure I'll have questions as I get things set up...especially if I manage to latch onto hammock before the trip. I've figured out the essentials (how to avoid tree damage) and some of it is pretty familiar (I wish I still had my fids, pushers, and other line prep tools 'cause they would come in handy) but nothing reveals ignorance like actually trying to do something. I'll share pictures and a trip report, especially if I do the "noob hammocking in the woods of Colorado" thing because, well, laughter should be shared.

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    I just ordered my BB DL 1.7!

    1st hang trip is planned (as much as I plan anything of this sort). I'll be following this loop on my motorcycle:


    1st night in Palo Duro Canyon State Park (Texas), which I honestly doubt has any place to hang but I'll try. I'll visit Great Sand Dunes NP the next day...not sure where I'll stay that night but I'll find a place. For the next four days I'll have my choice of Uncompahgre, Gunnison, and San Juan national forests, all centering around Montrose, CO. Then I'll go down through Albuquerque to Bottomless Lakes, NM for a night, and back home. Total distance will be 2000mi + whatever sightseeing/fun riding I do.

    I have a small tarp, pads, and so on. I'm debating whether to bring my bivvy as backup or improvise something around the tarp/hammock when I can't hang. I have plenty of luggage space but it bugs me to haul a bunch of stuff that won't get used.

    I just hope the hammock arrives in time for me to practice slinging it at least once or twice before I hit the road.

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    Welcome to the trees

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    Thanks squatty!

    Good news: Got my ship notification on the blackbird! Assuming USPS delivers in the 2-3 days they promise I'll have a solid weekend to try it out before loading up for my 1st try at hang camping! Seems like I lucked out with that one.

    Revised route:


    I'm swinging a little further south to Lincoln Nat'l Forest in New Mexico based on advice from some New Mexico forum members.

    Grr... 9 more days.

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    Welcome to the forum and you're gonna love your BB. Mule
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    Welcom to the forum.

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    Oh, gotta say... received my blackbird 1.7 DL yesterday... couldn't resist sleeping in it last night. Muy nifty!

    The real test begins Tuesday.

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