I spent the holiday weekend at the in-laws' place up near La Crosse, WI. I of course put up my hammock and spent the three nights outside!
I had my Speer winter tarp up, using an "over the top" ridge line made of Dyneema. The tarp attaches to the ridgeline via prussik loops. I have shock-cord tensioners at all tie-out points.
For stringing up the thing I use a mini-biner at one end and a small plastic figure 9 at the other end.
On Sunday we had a steady wind with gusts up to around 25MPH pretty much all day. At around 3:00pm I just happened to go outside for some reason, and was standing near the hammock when the Figure 9 snapped! Guess the wind gusts were too much for it.

Good to know not to trust those plastic Figure 9's when I'm NOT 20 yards from the house. I replaced it with the next size up Figure 9 in metal.