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Thread: Rope Hammocks?

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    Rope Hammocks?

    I got an idea to make a rope hammock out of 550 cord since I like it better than duct tape and I'm familiar with it being former USMC. Made one attempt using simple square knots at the junctions and that was pure failboat. I did some Google searching and found HF, but the first thing I noticed was that I've found virtually nothing relating to rope hammocks. Either my search-fu is awful, or there just isn't anything. The kind of hammock I'm looking to make is like this one from Home Depot. Yes, it's generic, but I'm ok with that.

    Is there a reason they're not talked about much? Why are fabric hammocks preferred over rope/cord hammocks?
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    Welcome to HF!

    There are a few threads about cording hammocks, but you're right that those are very much in the minority.

    Fabric hammocks are more popular for a few reasons that come to mind. For one, in a fabric hammock you aren't sleeping on a knot 'grid', so there are fewer pressure points and it's ultimately more comfortable. Second, a fabric hammock is much easier to make in terms of time and effort. And third, single layer fabrics often yield a lighter weight hammock overall which is especially nice for backpacking.

    It would be interesting to see what you come up with, though! We love new DIY projects it and let us know how it goes.
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    I saw a photo of a paracord hammock not too long ago. It looked functional, but probably not the most comfortable or easy to construct. I am not a fan of such hammocks because I feel like they cut through my skin, buttons and watches get snagged, and they don't protect you from mosquitos.

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    Video on how-to.

    Once your on this link there's a few others.

    Better have a lot of cord!
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    Looks like I had the right idea with a square knot to pair up each pair. Some people just grab both lines and do a single overhand knot with both of them, but that leaves a huge lump in its wake with each knot. A square knot leaves it relatively flat. I'll try it.

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