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    scout leader/ jeeper from south jersey

    Hey everyone my names rich i am 21 and from south jersey. i enjoy the outdoors and camping very much. i go camping atleast 1 weekend a month sometimes 2. when i am not camping with the scouts i am out camping in the pine barrens with my jeep. tent camping is getting a little boring so i figured i would look into hammock camping. i am a scout leader and eagle scout out of troop 55 out of pitman nj. we do a lot of hiking and other "high adventure" trips and i would also like to get one to show the boys some other options other than tent camping.

    this summer we are doing a week long canoe trek along the Adirondack lakes in upstate NY. the trip is a little over a month away so i want to get a hammock soon to get some hang time in before the trip.

    i have been looking at the clark north american. it seems really cool and looks like it comes with everything. the price is a little much but it looks like a quality piece and it will def get used. i would hate to buy a cheap one and have it not last after a couple months of hard camping.

    what hammocks do you guys recommend? what hammocks should i stay away from? i dont have a problem spending 3-400 on a set up if its going to last me a couple of years but i am always looking to save money.

    also, i tend to camp more often in the fall and winter months. so getting a hammock that i can set up to keep me warm in the freezing cold is a plus.
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    also looking at the ENO hammocks. they are cheaper but dont seem to have nearly as many options

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    Before I made up my mind, I would spend some time researching your options on this forum. There is a wealth of info here and it comes from people who have been around this hobby/sport for a long time.

    A must is to watch the vidoes made by Shug. They are great starting point as you make up your list for what you will need to be become the experienced hanger.

    You will find that everyone here has their preference. I feel there is not just one perfect hammock, but there is a hammock that will be the best for you. That is were the research comes in.

    I have an ENO Doublenest and a recently purchased Warbonnet Blackbird. I like both, but the WBBB has more options for me. My rig from Warbonnet that included Blackbird hammock and Superfly tarp are well within your stated budget. I also add a single line - ridgeline and tension guy lines from Opie to the rig which made set up for the tarp a breeze.

    By watching Shug's videos, and others on this forum, you will get the feel of what equipment you will need and some that you may even DIY to save on expenses.

    Half the fun is reading about all the rigs and setups as you try and make your choice. It's all part of the enjoy.
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    let me start off by welcoming you to HF. The information and people of this forum are great and they are willing to assist with any questions that you may have about a particular hammock set-up.

    You are interested in the CJH NA. I do not know what body type you are so I will describe me and why I chose the NX-200. I will say that I am BIG. I am 6'1" and close to the 300lb mark. I got the chance to try a CJH NA before I purchased one of their fine products. The fit was fine as far as the length of the "bed" went but it was too confining in the shoulders for me. Since the NX is larger than the NA I chose it. I am glad that I did. I have been in all types of weather. From torrential downpours, crazy gusting winds to even snow, yes we get snow in Alabama(every now and again). If you go to the Clark website and check out the review section you can see the one I wrote about my first experience in a CJH NX-200. It will be the one that has the hammock covered in snow!!!!!!!!

    I can also recommend the ENO DN which I also have and have been setting up as my summer rig. it is roomy, comfortable and inexpensive. I do not recommend the slap straps from ENO, too much stretch. The ENO Gaurdian Bugnet is heavy but it does a fine job and it can be lightened up with several easy mods.

    Since you are looking to try a hammock out and time is short I would recommend looking at the google map for the forum members to see if any are located in your area. If they are send them a PM and see if you can try there particular hammock rig out.

    I have not tried a WBBB but from all of the reading and happy/satisfied owners I would say that you could not go wrong in purchasing one of these fine hammocks. You may also look into the Switchback from Tree to Trail Gear. The guys who make these fine products are members of the forum and I have not read one negative review about them or their customer service.

    I hope this helps and will apologize for the longwindedness of it!!!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rnolan1 View Post
    also, i tend to camp more often in the fall and winter months. so getting a hammock that i can set up to keep me warm in the freezing cold is a plus.

    ooohhhh, then you are a perfect candidate fro the NJ Winter Hang. Watch for the next one in 2011!
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    howdy neighbor

    your like 10 miles from me.

    they're right. gotta come to winter hang.

    the fall MAHHA is only 2 hours away also.

    i got Hennessey hammocks, Trunk and WB Traveler. you can try out whenever.

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    Welcome to the forum Molan

    Nice to have another scouter here. I am a scout leader in Nova Scotia Canada. I have a Hennessey, Clark jungle, Eno, Skeeter beeter, and about 15 DIY hammocks and several DIY tree boats. My personal favorite is my DIYs, because they fit me. My Venturers all make thier own hammocks as well as other camping gear.

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    Welcome abord. CC from troop 49 in SoCal.
    Ditto Shug's vids on youtube. There are a big help.
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    thanks for all the replies guys. this forum is full of useful info.

    big bama guy. i am 5'11'' and 200 pounds. i would think the north american is enough but may go the next size up just to be safe. i am currently reading up about making my own but will probably go with the clark. i really like all the features and the weather guard flap thing seems like it would help a lot on those chilly rainy nights.

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    actually i am really starting to like the looks of the nx-150 i dont think i need the 250 or 200 because i am not that long but i like that the 150 has the poles to give you more room around the shoulders

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