Hey I'm new to posting on the forum and I've read a lot about underquilts on this forum but I still have a few questions I thought you guys might be able to answer. I'm looking at buying a JRB 3 season set for my HH. Or / in addition possibly making a synthetic UQ.

I have a Hennessy Backpacker Ultralite with the standard silnylon fly. Ialso have the heavier HH Hex fly as an option.

1)Living northern Alabama: Is down a viable option for TQ and UQ given the high humidity and copious amounts of rain? If so what are the best ways to protect the UQ from moisture.

2)I like the idea of DIY but have yet to attempt any sewing projects. What are the best options for a DIY UQ? i.e. materials, designs, ect.

3)What other options of UQ's and TQ's are there for a solid three season setup?

Thanks in advance for the help