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    Hammock newb with n00b questions!

    Hey guys, thanks for infecting me with hammock fever when I randomly stumbled across this site. Now, three weeks before I leave, you all have got me thinking about ditching my tent for my 11 month, 11 country trip around the world and using a hammock instead .

    I could be sleeping in my tent (or hammock) for up to a month at a time, so for the sake of preserving my posture I was thinking, IF I got a hammock, about getting the JRB BMBH, but I have a few questions...

    The website says it fits people up to 6'3". I am exactly 6'3", how much room can I really expect to have?

    Also, some guy on youtube posted a video about the BMBH and noted some pretty shoddy stitching. Has anyone else had this problem or was his just a lemon?

    How long have you had your BMBH or JRB hammock and could it stand up to 11 months of international beating?

    The omni tape used to secure the bug net... I just feel really sketchy about that... how much of a PITA is it really?

    Oh and I don't expect to be cold very much, in case anyone was wondering. In fact, I'll go ahead and post the list of countries I'm going to just in case anyone has any inputs about humidity, sun exposure for the tent, etc.

    Haiti, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Philippines, Mozambique, Malawi, somewhere else in Africa, Turkey, Romania.


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    Having never been there I can not comment with any authority, but I think China has a widely diverse climate and temperature range so it might depend on where you were planning to be. It's a big country.
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    Unfortunately, I don't know where in China we'll be either!

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    This is a tough one. With only three weeks before you leave, you've got a real learning curve to deal with. Different people have different opinions about various different hammock designs, and only you can determine what's comfortable for you. There is no "best".

    Concerning your back: there are several members here who sleep in hammocks at home every night. I would do it if my wife would let me get away with it.

    Take more under insulation than you think that you need. A lot more. You can always send it home, but it may be tough to have it shipped to you, and in the meantime you are cold. +1 on what Rev said. I'm a very cold sleeper, and in the tropics in wintertime I still need a fleece under me.

    IMHO, I'd go with an ENO doublewide and a draped bugnet like the quarterweight bugnet. Here's my reasoning. If you are in an area where you can't hang, it's easy to go to the ground with the same gear, minus the hammock. For me, the doublewides are very comfy when I lay on the diagonal.

    Get a set of whoopie slings from Opie, or make your own. They really take a lot of the fiddle factor out of setting up.

    My $.02 There are plenty of other options.
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    There will be tons of creapy crawlies where you're heading. I would want a hammock with a bugnet which can be completely zipped. In all probabability you will encounter days which you may have to sleep on the ground. For that reason, I would want a self inflatable air mattress as my under insulation. Thermarest has one that is very small and light weight. Most hammocks with built in netting are very simple to set up on the ground.


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    Have a great trip. Here's my 2 cents. Because you have so little time before you go i would suggest getting the warbonnet traveler and warbonnet bugnet. The bugnet is fully enclosed and has a side entry zipper. in fact you could add a hex tarp to that also. You'll be ready to go all from one place although i would email brandon first about delivery date as he's been kinda busy with orders lately. Tell him your leavin the country and maybe he can help you out. Otherwise you could get a claytor jungle hammock with tarp or an HH deep jungle or something like that to fit your height.
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