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    Red face Noob questions abt. Wal-Mart fabric, quicklinks/chain links

    Hi everyone,
    I'm gathering materials to make my first hammock, although I've never seen more than a picture of a camping hammock. Here's what I have so far, and my questions:
    - Just picked up some sage or olive green $1 nylon at Wal-Mart; it seems to be ripstop with a DWR, based on what I've seen on other threads here and based on my melting/H20/blowing tests. How do I figure out if it's 1.1 or 1.9 oz? I bought 8 yards, figuring that if it were too light, I'd do a double-layer hammock like Risk's Zhammock, instead of a single-layer hammock.

    - Is 5/32" braided polypropylene cord too thick for wrapping the ends of the hammock?

    - I also bought some stainless "chain links" at the hardware store. They're 1/4", rated for 2000 pounds each, and turn shut with a threaded closure. Now, I take it that one idea is to attach Spectra cord/poly webbing to the whipped hammock ends and use the quicklinks to hang off the tree straps? (don't have tree straps yet, am thinking about going the hardware-store-cinch-straps route). I am 106 pounds soaking wet, so I don't think I'm going to break them, but let me know if this is a bad idea.

    I'm a very good sewer, a terrible knot-tyer, and a complete hammock newbie. This should be an adventure. Thanks for your help!

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    To calculate the weight of the fabric, calculate the square yardage of your fabric and divide that into the weight of the fabric.
    Your 8 yards is 288 inches long. If the fabric is 62 inches wide that is a total of 17,856 square inches. There are 1296 square inches in a yard. Therefor you have 13.77 square yards. Divide that into the number of ounces you have in the fabric.

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    The stainless links you bought are major overkill for strength, but it won't drop you, thats for sure!

    As for what weight the fabric is... just weigh in ounces it then divide that by the number of square yards you have. (That depends on the width of your fabric.) You'll get a number of ounces per square yard. Thats what the 1.1 or1.9 refer to. (oops walking bear beat me to it...)

    The 5/32 probably will work, but is quite a bit heavier than it needs to be. I use this. The waxed 100lb test is nice and easy to handle and holds the whipping really well. Its about 1.5mm or 5/64 in diameter... I'm sure similar products are available elsewhere since it seems my source has discontinued them.
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    I use these for whipping (8" zip ties) and they work just fine. Just cut off what you don't need and round the edges.

    BTW, welcome to the forums!
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    Thank you

    Aw heck, I had 8" zip ties in the basement! And did I mention that I'm a mental midget when it comes to math? So these replies have been very helpful.

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    An easier way to tell is that 1.1 nylon is practically see-through.

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    I've been trying to find the supplies to build my own hammock and I think that you guys to the south of me are lucky. We don't have $1 bins at our Walmart, nor do they tell you *anything* about the fabric. I went to a few places to see what they had and found *one* place that *may* have what I need, but the cost is getting up there. One place is asking $7/yard for material (ripstop, not sure of the weight. They are supposed to call me about that), but it does have all the material. I know it have coated materials, but don't know if it's silicone or not.

    If anyone from the "Ottawa or surrounding area" knows of a place to get decent materials at a decent cost, I'd be most greatfull. Or, if there are alternate materials I could look for (perhaps a bit heavier, but more reasonably priced and just as strong) it would be great.

    I'm looking foreward to making a hammoc and camping out with it.



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    if it's from wm, it may be polyester ripstop rather than nylon if you don't know what you are looking at. order some free samples from or once you see the differences, you will always be able to tell the difference between 1.9, 1.1, sil, and coated nylons just by looking at them. the first time you see polyester ripstop, you will know it b/c it is just "different" than nylon. silkier, softer, less stiff/wrinkly.

    quest and owf have great prices on fabric. no 1$/yd, but still good prices. if you buy 15 or 20 yds, you get a big discount too.
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    In case you hadn't stumbled across it has links for some of the suppliers forum members have used/know about. Also, scroll down a bit here for Canadian fabric sources.

    Being a tactile person myself, perhaps ordering a set of fabric swatches from one of them may also be helpful?

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    I ordered some swatches from Quest and they sent me an Email today stating that the samples are in the mail and they also included a swatch of "Supplex" because another client who makes hammocks (they did not say who...) makes them from Supplex materials for folks in the 200 to 250 pound range...which I fall in
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