I initially had trouble with the ASR on my Black Bird. Since the BB is a covered hammock I had to run the ASR (opieís) thru the gathered end. I attached the looped ends to the larks headed chain links as Brandon does with his ridgeline. That was fine on the fixed end but the adjustable loop end was not able to rotate when making an adjustment. Basically, the max length was fixed and anything shorter created a loop as shown in this first picture.


Came up with a solution, after some frustration, to get the adjustable loop end to move properly. I removed the adjustable loop from the chain link and replaced it with a 3Ē continuous loop (opie Zing It) and reattached the adjustable loop end via an S-Biner as shown in the 2nd picture.


I now have a fully functional ASR on my BB. You may ask why an S-Biner? ~ because I had one laying around. Iíve been sleeping in it (indoors so far) and itís holding fine.

And as a great side note, the ridgeline is now detachable for day time use as a recliner or chair without the ridgeline in the way - for some of us.