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Thread: Wtb- Hh Ss

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    Wtb- Hh Ss

    Anyone have a Super Shelter they want to sell??

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    yes I do

    I do have the complete HH Supershelter set, including undercover, underpad and overcover. HH gets about 155.00 for all this, I don't know if they charge shipping or not. I bought this stuff in the spring and never even slept a nite in it, went with a DIY system instead. (i think the tags are even still on the stuff sack). Because of this I'd like to get 120 for the set. I guess shipping would be pretty small for a package this light...let me know if this interests you.


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    Sorry, I forgot to mention it fits the ULBA or the Expedition.


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    HH SS Found and Purchased............


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