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    And anther one bites the dust! (well, air)

    Hammock Hanger was kind enough to let me try her hammock out earlier this year, and I was sold!

    I was bragging about my recent discovery of hammocking and a friend tried out mine this morning at 8am... he had placed his order by 1030am same day!!!

    Who have you "converted" to hammocking?
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    My best friend and hiking partner bought a HH shortly after a trip out with him in tent and I in my HH. He woke up stiff and didn't sleep well in his tent while I slept like a baby in my hammock. He now has a Claytor Jungle Hammock ordered. I think he's sold.

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    DIY, gathered end , w/ spreader
    DIY w/ pull-outs
    DAM/ HG Incubator
    Webbing and rings
    that's great! it don't take a lot of convincing for some folks.
    i've got my 3 most regular hiking friends hanging now.
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    I heard a quote attributed to Tom Hennesy that goes something like this, "Once you try one of my hammocks, you may not be sold on it immeadiately, but somewhere in the future, while you are laying on the cold, hard'll remember the hammock".

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