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    Hammock Manufacturers

    Hammock Manufacturers

    Hennessy Hammock

    Weight: 2 lb.10oz WF
    Max Load: 250 lbs
    Ultralight Backpacker
    Weight: 1lb 15oz
    Max. Load: 200 lbs
    Weight: 2lb 8oz
    Max Load: 200 lbs
    Weight:3lb 4oz
    Max Load: 300 lbs
    Explorer Ultralight
    Weight: 2lb 7oz
    Max Load: 250 lbs
    Safari Deluxe
    Weight: 4lb 8oz
    Max Load: 350 lbs
    Light Racer
    Weight: 1lb 4oz
    Max Load: 200lbs
    Weight: 1 lb.8oz WF
    Max Load: 200 lbs

    Hennessy Hammocks are one of the better-known hammock manufactures. Hennessy have a unique entry method. There is a slit in the bottom of the hammock that you enter through. The slit automatically closes when you lie back and bring your feet into the hammock. Hennessy Hammocks also referred to as HH, also have an asymmetrical design which means that when you lie diagonal in the hammock you lay flat.


    Click here for the Hennessy Hammocks forum


    Clark Jungle Hammock

    North American
    Weight: 3.4lbs
    Max Load: 350lbs
    Weight: 2.8lbs
    Max Load: 350lbs
    Weight: 2.2lbs
    Max Load: 300lbs

    This hammock has lots of pockets for storing gear and built in stuff sack.


    Click here for the Clark Jungle Hammock forum


    Speer Hammocks

    Models (All weights include hammock, ridgeline, tarp, and netting):
    Weight: 2lb
    Max Load: 250lbs
    Weight: 2lb 13oza
    Max Load: 350lbs
    Weight: 2lb 3oz
    Max Load: 250 lbs
    Weight: 2lb 14oz
    Max Load: 350 lbs

    Ed Speer is the author of "Hammock Camping", the only book devoted exclusively to using, making or buying camping hammocks. Speer hammocks are very popular with the DIY crowd. His site offers pre-made hammocks as well as kits to make your own. His site has tons of hammock info as well as accessories like the PeaPod and segmented pad extender ( SPE ).


    Click here for the Speer Hammocks forum


    Eagle's Nest Outfitters

    Models (Does not include fly or bug net)
    Weight: 1lb 2oz
    Max Load: 400lbs
    Weight:1lb 6oz
    Max Load: 400lbs

    Often referred to as ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters are makers of Single Nest, Double Nest, Slap Straps, and the very unique looking DryFly tarp.

    Lawson Hammocks


    Click here for the ENO Hammocks forum


    Tom Claytor Hammocks

    Jungle w/ tarp
    Weight: 3lb
    Max Load: 350lbs
    Weight:1lb 8oz
    Max Load: 250lbs
    Weight:1lb 8oz
    Max Load: 250lbs

    Maker of the Jungle Hammock, Expedition and Mosquito Hammock. Hammocks have a double layer bottom for adding a pad. This hammock also makes a nice ground shelter.


    Click here for the Tom Claytor Hammock forum


    Byer Hammocks

    Moskito Traveller
    Weight: 16oz
    Max Load: 240lbs
    Amazona Traveller
    Weight: 11oz
    Max Load: 240lbs

    Manufacturers of several different models of hammocks. The Moskito Traveller and the Amazona Traveller are a great and inexpensive way to get started in hammocks.


    Trek Light Hammocks

    Trek Light Hammocks currently carries two models of affordable, quality camping hammocks. This summer we will be introducing a mosquito net model, rain fly, custom designed webbing straps and other accessories.

    Hammock Models:
    Single: 16oz. Holds 400lbs.
    Double: 19oz. Holds 400lbs.


    Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock
    Weight: 2.1lbs
    Max Load: 225lbs


    Hammock Specs:

    Dimensions (in ft.) 5 x 2.5
    Weight (in lbs.) .5

    Dimensions (in ft.) 10.5 x 5
    Weight (in lbs.) 1.1

    Dimensions (in ft.) 10.5 x 6.5
    Weight (in lbs.) 1.3

    Dimensions (in ft.) 10.5 x 7.2
    Weight (in lbs.) 1.5


    Travel Hammocks

    Hammock Models:
    Skeeter Beater: Weight: 20oz. Capacity: 250lbs.
    Skeeter Beater Pro: Weight: 27oz. Capacity: 400lbs.
    Parachute Nylon Single: Weight: 16oz. Capacity: 400lbs.
    Parachute Nylon Double: Weight: 20oz. Capacity: 400lbs.
    Original Jams: Weight: 16oz. Capacity: 400lbs.
    UltraLight Hammock: Weight: 12oz. Capacity: 250lbs.
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