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    Did you hike up Kinsman by way of the AT? That was a *****...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkyPainter View Post
    They can also clip tarps together - making a huge one.

    Anything that needs a tie-out in an odd place.

    The clips are the ingenious things- I just found a way to use them!
    They also work well for making impromptu tie-out points on a tarp as well as sealing off the windward side on a breezy night.

    Here's a few pics of my winter tarp with one end sealed off:

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Saint View Post
    Did you hike up Kinsman by way of the AT? That was a *****...
    ===> Only part of it ...was not in that sort of hiking shape! I eventually ended-up getting the SUV, and driving to a small parking area off the main highway to fish. The trail access there is rugged!

    BTW - that is where I ran into a small yearling black bear. Saw him before he saw me, so I just jangled all the stuff on my fly fishing vest to get his attention and let him know I was there. He turned, and when I stepped forward and made some more noise, he took off like a cartoon character! Back legs were really turning over, and he was going no place for a moment slipping on the pine needles and leaves! When he finally got traction he took off like a shot - probably still running! LOL!
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