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    Burrow questions

    Hey All,

    So, does anybody out there have the Burrow??

    Their website is pretty sparse on information.

    What's the cost on this thing?


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    I came real close to buying the Burrow. What I liked most bout this summer TQ was that it has baffles and is not sewn through. It has 900 fill down is under a pound as I recall. I had a trip planned and the information got to me too late so it will be on my wish list for next year.

    Adam sent me this on June 18 so I think it's pretty current:

    "The colors I have to choose from in stock are: Black, Coyote Brown, Olive Green, light gray/silver, and Forest Green (kind of gray with a green tint)

    Sewn footbox: $199
    drawcord footbox: $179"
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    I bought a TQ/UQ summer combo from Adam for, The Burrow - Sewn footbox - 78" long (48-38" wide). 7-8 oz goose down - Black inside/Green Outside - $179.00 Crowsnest - 6-7 oz goose down with .75 - 1" baffles - $159.00 - Black Inside/Green Outside $10.00 Shipping. Used it for a week on the LT temps between low 40's and high 50's at night. It had the perfect amount of phill for me to keep me warm but not to hot. The best feature of the burrow is the draw string in the middle that fits perfectly around ones shoulders. The foot box has lots of room and he does a really cool two color combo if you ask him. I have green outside black inside and the draft collar and foot box are black it makes it look really cool (besides keeping you nice and warm) Adam makes a great product and has excellent customer service imho. One of my favorite things about working with Adam is that he is so willing to customize quilts. Hope this helped,

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