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    Adding to summer UQ

    Just got my first camping hammock.I live in CA and don't camp in the winter, so my question is should I get a summer under quilt? I am thinking just place a down comforter or just a down coat on top of it when it gets below 40 F.

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    I see you are in San Jose... I used to live in Stockton. It can get cool in the morning if camping on the coast, or up in the sierras. It even gets chilly in the mornings in the Central Valley then temps soar to the 100's. If you do spring and fall camping as well, then I would probably say you would be fine with a 3 season set up, or Macs IX UQ. Obviously, the IX UQ would be the cheapest to start with...

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    Insulation on top won't help you if your bottom's exposed. I recommend a fleece or wool blanket (I use a wool poncho) folded in half and placed beneath you. That way, the wind won't suck the heat from you, and since wool/fleece doesn't compress, you won't get cold-butt syndrome.
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    Thanks for the response. Yea we do spend time in the Sierras and on the coast. It would be easy to decide on 3 season if we didn't boat in the valley also where most nights it dosn's get below 70 F in the summer. I like the idea of the summer uq and placing some fleece under me when needed.

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