I have one of the Expeditions that REI was selling that came with the factory zipper system.
I received a PM from 2Q and ZQ asking if I'd be willing to let them look at my hammock and see if it would be suitable for their mods. Of course I happily agreed, and shipped the hammock off to them, along with the stipulation that they do whatever they wanted to it! I figured it would be in good hands.

I received my hammock back and am excited to report that the work ZQ did to my hammock was nothing short of spectacular! They applied the Mod 4 (watch Hawk-eye's video review for a great look at this mod) to my hammock. It works exactly like what you see in Hawk-eye's video, with the exception that the stock HH zippers on the one side are HUGE compared to the new zipper that ZQ added. This in no way effects functionality, and you can't actually see the size difference since they are on opposite side of the hammock, so it's not much of a cosmetic issue either.
The work done looks like it came from the factory. The quality of stitching, etc is excellent.
And as a bit of "icing on the cake" she even cleaned up the end caps where I had removed the stock suspension and added Amsteel and didn't bother to fix them afterward.

Pictures will be added at some point when work is not consuming my entire life!

In the meantime, watch Hawk-eye's vid and just pretend that he has the HH Expedition Zip model... and you'll get an idea of what my hammock looks like.

Excellent work!