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    How well do these things pack? Seems like a lot of ccf to be carrying around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FanaticFringer View Post
    Joggers look ridiculous breathing all those exhaust fumes and killing their joints..
    You'll just look cool.
    It's a nice enough kiddy park to be in the middle of an urban area. From the right person I would look cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by warbonnetguy View Post
    build a stand
    Might have to do that, not sure where I would put it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cannibal View Post
    How well do these things pack? Seems like a lot of ccf to be carrying around.
    Starting to think that myself. Does anyone have any insight on that?

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    How I pack my CCF

    I cut short slits in pad so it would fold and become the frame for my BYO UL G4 pack. The holder for the pad and smaller wing pads goes in my pack. The main pad is from Wal Mart and is 20" wide. Works well with no ripping of pad so far and has had a lot of use.
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    I fold mine and place it inside where sleeping pads are suppose to go for the ULA Conduit. However, I have a full length GG 1/8". I figured I was more versatile this way. I normally on use 1/2 length and so I can fold it and have 1/4" or leave it full and have 1/8". I have an underquilt too, so this makes a very versatile system. I have not SPE yet but I will make that soon. I will probably separate the SPE from the CCF.
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