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    The Next Step in My Adventure.

    I posted pics and got some feedback and thoughts on design after throwing together my first hammock to determine if I wanted to go further. That hammock was nothing more than a piece of Wally World ripstop folded over. The thread can be found at the below link:

    Naturally I decided to move forward so I intended to buy another block of tan ripstop b/c of the design I had in mind. Wally World was sold out when I made it over there so I had to check another. They did not have the tan, but they did have ACU which was even better. It looks just like the first stuff I bought, but has a rubber type coating on one side. Water rolls off so I wonder if I could use my spare material as a rain fly?

    I wanted a two layer hammock for the strength, and decided I would put the ACU camo on the outside. I helped my Momma stitch it on three sides and leave one end open since I want to try a closed cell foam insert. She did this a great deal quicker than I would have. Since I wanted to experiment with the width we also folded one side over and sewed it with a single stitch. That way I can open it back up later and resew it at a different width if I need to. Current dimensions are a few feet short of 12 feet and 46 inches wide.

    The rope thing was horrible enough that I abandoned it after the first try. It works but is just not what I want. Again rounding up what I had on hand I put together some slings and am very happy with the performance. That will be the route I go. I want to use one 1" sling with loops on each end for the tree sling, one sewn loop of sling for the hammock itself and possibly a 'biner to tie the two together. That seems pretty simple and light which is what I am going for w/o being a "gram weenie." I will also try the Dutch clips at some point. Right now I am also using the web loops to secure each end. I will try a different method as I go along later. I have plenty of time to experiment.

    Below are pics of the seams and the final layout hung up.

    I still think the lighter color tan would work great on the inside since it would help lighten up things at night so you can see better inside but that will have to wait. I got the idea from a Spec-Ops pack I have with a yellow liner on the inside. It really brightens up the inside so you can easily see the contents. I think the tan will work nearly as well w/o being out of place in the woods.

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    Nice setup! My wally worlds never have any camo ripstops. I like it, good work.

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    Nice work! I really like the dig-camo. Where'd you find that?

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    Well done!
    Looks hang worthy.

    Quite an idea with the light color liner...As I think on it....I like it....
    I also like the SPEC OPS yellow and see the value in it..

    I may do exactly this when I do a 2x layer...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiger1dd View Post
    Nice work! I really like the dig-camo. Where'd you find that?
    The land of Wal-mart.

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    Found the tan last night in the Franklin, TN wally world. Hopefully the next couple of weekends will allow me to sew up another double layer with the "foliage" on the outside and the tan on the inside. i am going to make this one slightly wider than the 2nd generation from the start.

    BTW, the Franklin store still has several bolts of green in two different shades. One is slightly brighter than OD and the other has a great deal more green. I bought 4 yards and 19 inches of the tan for $6.76 + taxes.

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    Tan would make a great liner in the Digi print ripstop. I have a Digi Print double layer I made with a green liner and I love it, but a tan liner would look excellent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wirerat123 View Post
    Tan would make a great liner in the Digi print ripstop. I have a Digi Print double layer I made with a green liner and I love it, but a tan liner would look excellent.
    Indeed it would. Thanks for reminding me to continue looking for digital camo material. I only have about 12 feet of that now.

    The quest continues.

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    I had no idea that the Franklin WM still carried fabric. I work up that way, I'll have to stop in and see. Thanks for the tip. I was going to hit the Joanne's up there anyway, but this gives me another place to try...


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    I picked up some of the greener fabric today @ the Franklin Wal*Mart. They were about out of the 66" width stuff, and didn't have any of the browner color (I really wanted to do a 2 tone). They told me they would continue to carry fabric until sometime next year, so I'm hoping that they'll get more ripstop in later as they start to close out other stores.

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