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    winter "hearthstone"

    I wasn't thinking of this when I bought it but I just got an msr dromedary, i read they are great for keeping warm in the winter, put one in your sleeping bag, up to 2 gallons of hot water that should last longer than a bottle, I've tried that and it definitely helps but was cold in an hour when it's below 0 anyway

    I need more insulation too I'm guessing bottles probably last longer in other rigs

    another use, in other seasons, is to blow it up with air and use it as a pillow, I've tried that and it worked very nicely

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    I would think how long it stays hot would depend on several things like how hot the water is that you put in it & of course something to insulate the water bag/bottle will let the heat escape more slowly through the night.
    If the water is really hot when you fill it, you'll need to insulate it just to keep it from burning you, but I'm not sure how hot of water would be safe to put in the MSR bag.
    I have filled bottles (Nalgene, Gatoraid) w/ boiling or near boiling water & put them in a cozy & they were still warm to the touch next morn after sleeping w/ them.
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    im sure you can buy a neoprene cover for them or a cambelpack pouch or something...

    i put hot water in my nalgene, rap it in a sock and then use it as a hot water bottle!!!

    i then p$%S in the other one so that i dont have to get out of my hammock. hehe.

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