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    Question Materials list for DIY Setup, hammock and tarp

    I am sure there are a blue million of these in this forum already, but I wanted to make my own list so that I could 1) get your help making sure I don't miss anything and 2) have a complete list so I can track what I have and what I need (as well as plan the expenditures!). I know this may be no fun to read through, and it will probably be longer than needed, but I'm trying to organize my thoughts so that I can get this project moving along.

    Since it seems to be relevant in making sure I have enough and the correct materials, I am 6'2" and 240lbs.

    I'll start with the hammock and tarp. The UQ and TQ will come in later.

    I would like to make a simplified version of headchange4u's HH clone . Simplified in that my bug net will probably not be integrated, as I don't do a ton of summer camping (too dang hot here!). I may chicken out and go for a gathered end hammock though.

    I'd like to do a 10X10 tarp, pitched on a diagonal. Will that give me enough coverage, or do I need to do a 12x10?

    So far, here is what I am coming up with, please let me know if I am missing anything to complete my setup. Thanks!

    For all:

    Gutermann Thread


    4 yds 1.9 breathable


    7 yds 1.1 breathable

    I am still undecided if I want a double layer 1.1 or a single 1.9. I have heard pro's and con's for both. I guess that will be a gametime decision!

    Also, I am planning a 10' length for my hammock, is that appropriate for my height?

    Amsteel for the whipping, but I am uncertain as to how much I'll need. Any suggestions on # of feet?

    Also Amsteel for the ridgeline

    1 yard of 3/16" nylon flat cord for the tie outs


    2 Whoopie Slings
    2 Dutch Clips
    2 7' pieces of webbing
    2 Marlin Spikes

    Did I miss anything?


    7 yds 1.1 sil for a 10X10

    Grosgrain ribbon, 15 yards, to put on the outside edge of the tarp and should have enough left over to make the tie outs, with a little left over for margin of error..

    Silicone seam sealer

    I know I'll also need some cord and shock cord to tie it down.

    I may also order 8 yards of the 1.1 sil so that I can make stuff sacks as well.

    I would appreciate any comments or suggestions, especially if I have left something out or am making this more complicated than it needs to be (I tend to do that )

    Thanks for reading.

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    One thing to be aware of is the width of the fabric. In general it will likely be 60" but you can't count on that without measuring or checking the specs closely. Make sure you get 60" or wider. That seems to offer the best width for both a hammock and tarp side without having to make special seams.
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    Good tip, thank you sir!

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    May I advise shockcord in place of the yard of 3/16" nylon flat cord for the tie outs. You want a little stretch to not stress the tieouts.
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    I had planned to use shock cord between the tie outs and the cord (like the STL that are stickied at the top of the DIY forum), so that if the shock cord wore out or somehow snapped, it would be easier to replace. Do you think it would be better to just go ahead and make them permanent on the tarp?

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    I, also, am in the design stage of the Hammock and tarp. I have enough 1.1 for a double layer. 6' 235.

    I have a supply of #90 needles to go with the Guterman.

    Amsteel = 28 feet for whoopies...yielding a 6 foot range. including a lashing to the hammock.

    Ridgeline? Some make it adjustible...since that's the newest thing since....well ...3 pm
    110 inch overall...if Whoopied will that be doubled also?
    If so ridgeline = 12 feet.
    This can be pared down .
    I'll be using whoopies also for suspension. I don't think the ridgeline tho....hmmmm

    What material for the bugnet. I think a bugnet has to be factored in...least for most places I've been in the summer....HYOH.

    I'll be gleaning a LOT from this thread it is good timing for me that you posted this.
    Added the 28 feet for susp is with 14 feet each side and then whooped.

    I won't be using shock cord on the loops. I'll have flat ribbon. No grommet

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    Hey Tom,

    From what I remember, if you make your own whoopie slings (I plan to) you need double the amount of amsteel (like you said). So for 6' of whoopie you need 12' of amsteel.

    I've gone back and forth over the adjustable ridgeline, but I keep thinking that I may not want it to be adjustable. Once I get it where I want it, I don't want to have to think about it again, or have someone 'accidentally' adjust it (so that it fits them better )

    As far as bugnet, there are lots of places that sell it, but somewhere around here is a thread that shows someone bought one for about $12 from REI and used that. I'll probably end up with one, and it will likely be like the one in this thread:

    I don't do much summer camping (heat index this week has been over 100* every day, and it doesn't cool down until well after midnight), so I think something like that will work out best for me, it can be totally removed and not have to be dealt with if I don't want/need it and I won't have seldom used attachments on my hammock.

    As for the shock cord tensioners, check out this thread:

    A little further down in it people discuss just adding the shock cord in line vs. the setup diagrammed at the beginning. That's probably the route I'll go as well. That way if something goes wrong with the cord, it is easily replaced or omitted.

    I did a bunch of tarp caming as a kid, but never any hammock camping, so much of this is new territory for me. It's too bad we don't live closer together or we could help each other out!

    Please feel free to post your progress and discoveries (or questions!) in this thread, I'm trying to learn as much as I can before I start spending money on another hobby

    Take care.

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    BTW, I figured I'd use amsteel for so much of it because it doesn't make sense to order different products from different places when I can just make 1 order from 1 place and have all my needs met. Plus it is strong and lightweight, so what's not to like! It isn't like other options are much cheaper either.

    Though I must admit to more than a passing interest in having my tarp tie downs made out of reflective cord

    I don't want my shelter hiding from me in the dark

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    Shore, I thought you were planning on using the flat cord for your hammock tieouts since it was with your hammock info. Thats what I was talking about. You dont want a static line for the hammock tieouts.
    Your list seems solid & well thought out so if anything you may give more info as to where you are planning to purchase your items from. Also maybe a little about the colors you want to use, & the type of camping you do (hike in, car, bike, canoe). This may allow others to help in your decisions of materials to use & places to purchase them to save you a little.
    My knife is so sharp it cut the sixth finger off my right hand! On the plus side, Inigo Montoya no longer hunts me.

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    Ahhh, now that makes sense JJ. Thanks!

    I actually sent myself an email with links to where I am planning to buy. So many forums these days frown on that sort of thing, that I wasn't sure about the rules here and thought it best to keep that part quiet. I'll update this in a bit with some links.

    I mainly do hike in camping, I just don't enjoy camping with strangers a few feet away. To me the whole point of getting out and about is to get to enjoy the peace and quiet

    However, that being said, I'm not planning a trip down the AT any time soon, so I'm not overly concerned with being an UL'er. I'm still young and dumb and fit, so I don't mind a little heavier pack if I'm having fun

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