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    I'm making my own underquilt now with 2 layers of .6 Climashield XP.
    Keep us posted and pictures. I have been considering trying one from XP for the underquilt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HANGnOUT View Post
    Keep us posted and pictures. I have been considering trying one from XP for the underquilt.
    Will do

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    This past weekend I stayed at Goddard Shelter in Vermont when it got down to 38 at night. This was with solid winds all night so the windchill probably had it down close to 20, if not lower. I had an Old Rag Mountain underneath me (with the long version above) with no pad. I was nice and warm. I had the JRB Weather Shield but did not need it -- not sure how much warmth it adds anyway since that is not its primary function.

    If I were going out with the expectation that temps would be around 20, given that there might be winds too, I would probably think about bringing something else to go below. Weathershield, maybe a pad? Maybe a second, very light quilt like JRBs summer one (Shenandoah, right?). Definitely something.

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    I just received my two JRB quilts (No Sniveller and RM No Sniveller, both long) and immediatly sent them out to a german company my shop does business with to have them additionally filled.
    There is, for me as a very cold sleeper, definitly not enough down in the chambers.
    I like my down-filled equipment with really filled chambers, the original filling left too many gaps.
    An additional 250gr (8.8oz) in the NS and 350gr (12,4oz) in the RM NS will do it for me.

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