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    Quote Originally Posted by dasunt View Post
    Tales of failure:

    but I'm tall (6'4), and I made my hammock longer, so I went with 15x10, before hemming.

    If the 15' is your ridgeline, it will/can be long enough to interfer with your hammock suspension. (In most cases)
    I'm 6-4 and find a 10' hammock fine for comfort. Yes bigger longer hammocks do allow for a flatter lay, but they add to the bulk of the pack. Double-edged sword thing. Longer the hammock, the longer your tarp needs to be.
    10' hammock with a 101" ridgeline is fine for most. The same basic dimensions are in many popular vendor hammocks.

    First attempt: Big bucket, some mineral oil, tube of silicon,

    I'm hoping thats a typo..mineral oil and MINERAL SPIRITS are two different things. Use mineral spirits. (I see later in your post you said mineral spirits, so I just wanted to clarify

    .... be spoiling the tarp by waterproofing it multiple times. I can't see how. Any material is going to remelt(? that can't be the right term) the silicon in the tarp, then deposit some more.
    I think it may add a few ounces to the tarp. Each time you dunk/coat/paint the solution on your leaving a thin layer of silicone behind once the mineral spirits evaporate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roadrunnr72 View Post
    Here is the link to my thread on DIY tarp and SIL. You need to go to post 23 to get to the sil.
    Really nice tarp. Sorry but I have to ask what is probably a silly question. In your link you say....from memory...something about a cat? Is this curve in the bottom edge of the tarp? To stop flapping in the wind?

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    Hey Gang,

    I did a short video on this subject. I apologize for some of the loose language and the shockingly poor video quality. What can I say, I'm just a cheap *******.


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    ...something about a cat? Is this curve in the bottom edge of the tarp? To stop flapping in the wind?
    Looks like this didn't get answered yet, so I'll jump on it. A 'cat cut' is a catenary curve at the edges of the tarp. Yep, it's to reduce flapping and wrinkling at the edges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jspate61 View Post
    Hey Gang,

    I did a short video on this subject. I apologize for some of the loose language and the shockingly poor video quality. What can I say, I'm just a cheap *******.

    Dude I am laughing so hard right now I only got to playing with it part.

    As for the curve , it has been addressed so many times before a simple search and an answer could be found.
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    It Works: See Video

    Hi, Guys!
    I read practically every post in this thread and decided that I needed to go for it. I made a cat tarp last summer out of Joann Fabrics ripstop. I did this to save time and weight--I could not get sil here in the Valley. So, I used the 'ol Wally World orange can silicone spray. Works well...but. It will saturate, e.g. I was alpine camping this weekend at 8K ft, and it snowed on us 3" (on June 19!). I woke up soaked. I didn't want to resew a whole new tarp out of sil, so I tried this method. I've had PERFECT success using the following method:

    2, 3" foam/sponge brushs
    1 tube clear, GE silicone caulk
    3.5 liters of Mineral Spirits (I used a 3rd of this, but I intend to use on other projects)
    Clean 1 gallon can or coffee can (I used a plastic Folgers (YUCK) coffee can I got from a buddy and cut a whole in the lid to keep the slurry from spitting all over the place--worked well)
    Mixer rod

    A) I used 3:1 by weight. I was not EXACT, but I did use a scale and got within a fraction of this ratio. Technically, I mixed two batches--one for each side separately as I needed them, so the slurry wouldn't set up on me. I used 39 fl oz. of mineral spirits to 13 oz of silicone. This left a bit left over at the end of each side, which I disposed of and started fresh. You don't want to run out half way through a your best to keep a wet edge. I'd recommend applying when it's coooool outside.

    B) Pitch your tarp as taught as you normally would. Mix your concoction thoroughly using your mixer. Pause and check that all of the silicone is "dissolved." It'll work into a milky color. If there are lots of bubbles, use a stir stick to minimize them with a slow stir. I'd let it rest for a minute or two. Don't wait too long, or your mix will begin to set up.

    C) Use one of the sponge brushes and begin to apply to the first side. Apply to the non-glossy, flat-finish side. It is porous and will adhere well. The Joanne Fabrics ripstop has a shiny and flat side...You want to liberal, but do NOT slop it on. Find the harmony between too little and too much. If you're getting runs, you have too much; if you see dry fabric, you have too little. I ran a wet edge horizontally about two brush widths all the day down along the ridge line. I worked in every single dry spot I thought I saw. Anywhere I saw excess buildup, I smoothed out with the brush. Once I finished the first pass, I did a quick, dry back-brush over what I just painted. I did NOT double coat. I back-brushed... I used this process all the way until the first side was covered. I did not wipe off any excess.

    D) Dispose of leftovers--lose those chunks, debris, and coagulated tidbits. You've done this much work; don't chince now!

    E) Grab your new brush. By this time, the silicone has begun to set up in your first brush. Ditch it. It's worth the 70 cents to get the penetration you need.

    F) Repeat step C above.

    G) Depending on how humid it is where you live, give it a good 12-48 hours to cure. I live in sierra desert, so 12 hours was plenty.

    H) Give it the mouth test first. Grab a section and try to suck air through it. Don't suck your brains through your nose though, 'cause it'll be tough!

    I) Giver 'er the 'ol hose test. I don't buy the piddly "rain shower" setting from the hose. Blast away on jet stream from a close distance. Do you really want to wake up wet, alone, out in the bush? You get wet, you get cold; you get cold, you die.

    J) Enjoy, brag, and celebrate your new, DIY silnylon!

    SEE MY VIDEO TEST: Clearly, if there was ANYthing coming through this, the lens would have misted up, be spattered, etc. you be the judge!

    Cheers, guys. And thanks for all your discussion. I figured I'd do my part to contribute!
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    Awesome thread! Although I wish I had read it before I made my DIY Silnylon 10x12 tarp. I would have had a much better process to get through and I would have know NOT to use the "Low Odor" spirits and use the regular spirits. It turned out great and it is VERY dry underneath. My wife was excited when it left her sewing room...

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    So 'white gas' is 'naphtha'.........correct??

    White gas is a common name for two flammable substances. In its most common modern usage, it is used as a generic name for camp stove and lantern fuel, usually naphtha
    My memory's not as sharp as it used to be. Also, my memory's not as sharp as it used to be.

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    Broke down and sil'd my first DIY tarp I made over a year ago from Wally-world ripstop. (ok, I THOUGHT it was sil way back then...) We don't get much rain here...

    1qt mineral spirits, 1/2 a tube of 100% silicone, mixed it in a coffee can with the drill/zip tie trick, used the "dunk and knead" method for about 20 minutes, and it's out in the backyard as of about 5pm Sat.

    The surface looked a little gloppy (no big glops, just uneven, more orange-peel) so I took a paper towel, wet it with a little leftover goo from the coffee can, and wiped both the inside and outsides down. I'm hoping when it dries, it will be less translucent...

    Great thread!

    "Do or do not, there is no try." -- Yoda

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    and it's out in the backyard as of about 5pm Sat.
    So how did it turn out? How long did it take to dry??

    I just made some 'goo' for seam sealer, and it was a lot easier than I would have expected, gonna try a whole tarp pretty soon
    My memory's not as sharp as it used to be. Also, my memory's not as sharp as it used to be.

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