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Given fixed top tendon length, bottom tendon length, and strut length, you should be able to make a rigid tensegrity simply by tightening all the side tendons, BUT there is a range of possible values for those first three lengths. AND it is not all that simple to tighten it enough. I can calculate whether your given lengths will make a tensegrity if I have one more fact: how many struts you are using. I assume 3, but 4 might be okay, too. With that information I could tell you how tight your side tendons need to be and how high your hammock will hang. (I'm guessing that you might need to shorten your top tendons a bit.) Let me know how you are tightening those side tendons, too. You need to get some mechanical advantage somewhere - it's not just a matter of pulling on a whoopie sling.
I have 3 struts. I'm interested in the model you're using? As I said, I'm having trouble thinking in terms of "if I shorten this tendon, it will effect everything else like this..."

I have 2:1 mechanical advantage on two of the side tendons and 4:1 on the third tendon (by going back & forth between ends as in your video). Tightening them a bit didn't seem to make that much of a difference, so I didn't try to set up anything more rigorous, but if you say that's the crux I'll give it a more serious try - thanks!