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    Snakeskins for the Warbonnet Superfly with doors

    I know there are a lot of questions concerning what size "skins" will work for the various sizes of tarps. I bought one of the War Bonnet Superflys with doors to use with my Clark NX-250 in the winter.I just completed a set of ripstop camo skins using the exact pattern from Just Jeff's site:

    They ended up a tad over 70" long. With the completed skins flattened out, the wide end measures about 5 1/2" and the narrow end about 1 3/4". I used a double rolled weam on the long side and just simple folded seams on the ends. The snakeskins fit perfectly, with the doors included. I just left the doors attached and I hooked the bungee cords on the doors all to the center ridge ring, rolled everything up and let the snakes eat everything. The skins are fairly full but not stuffed and the skins slide on easily. With the narrow end of the skins (the tails?) about even with the tarp end ridge rings on both ends, there is about a 4 inch overlap in the middle. Perfect fit in my book.

    The same pattern works fine for the Clark Standard XL Rainfly as well. It is a little roomier with a little more overlap, but surprisingly not much!
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