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    42 Degree's In My New Clark Getting In A Sleeping Bag In A Hammock

    Well I Got My New Clark In Yesterday And Slept In Last Night After Screwing Around With The Way I Had It Set Up AND On Two Different Times I Managed To Get It Setup The Way I Liked It. Now Comes The Fun Part Getting Into Sleeping Bag Inside The Hammock. Now I Know There Are Allot Folks Out Here That Can Just Jump Into The Hammock And Have There Sleeping Bag On In No Time But This Is Not The Case For Me I Ended Up With The Sleeping Bag Unzippped All The Way So It Was More Like A Blanket That Kept Wading Up On Me. At 1am I Got Up To Let My Bladder Run Out And Ended Up Zipping The Fooot End Of Sleeping Bag Togeather But It Took An Act Of Congress To Get Me And The Sleeping Bag All Layed Out Inside The Hammock. At 6 Am I Got Up Because Neihbors Dog Was Barking At Who Know What Just To Be Barking Or To Wake Me Up At This Point I Did'nt Care Cause I Had To Pee Again To Much Whiskey Last Night Before Bed. So After Getting Up Yet Again To Pee When I Was Done I Grabbed My Sleeping Bag Out Of Hammock And Stand In Front Of Hammock Inside My Sleeping Bag All Put Up Around My Shoulders And Sat Back In Hammock Brushed My Feet Off And Swong Them Inside The Hammock Where I Layed Back And Found My Sweet Spot Again Until That Dadblam Cell Phone In My Pocket Out Side The Hammock Went Off I Forgot To Turn The Alarm Off Of It So It Sat Out There Ringing Ringing Ringing And I Said Alright Already Im Getting Up To My Self. So Now Im In The House Writing This Out For All To See. Oh Did I Mention During The Set Up Faze Of This I Broke One Of The Little Clips When I Set Down The Bungee Cord Clip Broke Now (nogods) Had Warned Me About It And I Even Went The Extra Step On Makeing Sure I Did'nt Do What He Did But Somewhere That Went Out The Door I Guess Cause I Did Break It Just Like He Hand Warned Me About Dangit.

    Weather Outside Was 42deg Out I Had A Very Light Sleeping Bag Maybe A 50deg Bag And No Pad Of Any Kind Under Me And Nothing In The Pockets Of The Hammock And The Only Thing I Wore To Bed Was My Under Armer Underwear As At Times I Had To ThrOW Sleeping Bag Off Of Me Becuase I Was Way To Hot To The Point Of Sweating Well Of Course The Wind Was Blowing Some So I Cooled Of Quickly And Covered Back Up.

    So My Question To You Seasoned Or Unseasoned Hammockers Is How Do You All Get Into Your Sleeping Bag In Your Hammocks Is There Any Little Trick Of The Trade Because Im Sure This Will Be Allot More Difficult When I Go To Put My 0 Degree Bag That Only Zips Half Way Down The Side In And Try To Sleep On It This Winter.

    I Am Going To Try This Again Tonight And Im Sure Sooner Or Later I Will Figure It Out But It's Not The Same As Sleeping In My Other Open Air Type Hammock.

    Thanks For The Comments
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