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    Suspension Mod - Adding Cinch Buckles to a Hennessy Explorer

    Just added this to the page...

    The Hennessy product line is very versatile, and their hammocks are usually considered one of the better starter hammocks because of the complete nature of the purchase (they come with a tarp). They are also cheaper than comparable hammocks (because they're made in China) and are sold in several big-box stores like REI. HHs are comfortable, but like any piece of hiking gear, they are not perfect.

    One of the key features that many hammockers like to customize is the suspension system. Hennessy's system of spectra cord lashed to a tree hugger is one of the lightest methods that still responsibly protects the trees. It's also simple, if you define simple as fewest parts with no mechanical pieces to break in the field. If you are knot/lashing challenged, however, or if you want an easily adjustable system, or if you just want one that goes up faster in the rain, you may not consider it so simple. In that case, changing the suspension to cinch buckles may be a good mod for you.

    An easy way to do this would be to use the existing cord, wrap it a few times around the cinch buckle, tie it in a knot, and cut off the excess. If you're happy with that, then run with it. I'm presenting an alternate methods that ends up looking cleaner and more professional.
    What do y'all think? I'm kinda concerned about the knot after I realized that the stress will be different from the original setup, but I'm gonna test it before I change it.
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