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    yeah I might be dreaming about using it as a tarp but till i get a clark or hennessey w/ overcover it's making a warm weathershield
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    I just started to use a breathable waterproofish ( Held a quart of water in a pouch in the fabric suspended over a bowl for 2 hours and was still dry on the bottom side ) fabric for an over quilt. I have had tested in in driving rain and wind which kept me warm and dry. Had it for an overnite up the mountain a couple of days ago, down to mid 30's, slept on top of sleeping bag all nite. So am going to try one of the single hull hammocks with CCF pad and a summer reflective windshild screen that I sewed some 1.1 ripstop nylon too on top of CCF pad. Have used that system down to 39F with no condensation probs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nogods View Post
    I saw the old style space blankets - the heavy ones with the silver on one side and a dark green color on the other side, with gommets in each corner...
    Got one similar to that, red on the back instead of green, at REI.

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