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    Quote Originally Posted by Jsaults View Post
    primarily for appearance, but they may also keep the line clean and free of boogers. I threaded thin Sterling cord (1 mm? 1.5mm?) through and just tie it off with a double shoelace knot. I had ulterior motives in replacing the wire tie: I wanted to be able to open it up to inspect the AHE Amsteel chainlink I replaced theoriginal HH line with recently.

    Otherwise, the covers ought to stay in place unless you use SnakeSkins whick would probably displace them.


    Good point about the covers helping to keep the area clean. Since you've mentioned it, I'll probably use some string or something other than a zip tie and go back to securing the end cap pieces.

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    So I made the slings today. Now need to work on the attachment to the huggers. More research now!! I think I will forego the extra weight and use a biner attachment. Seems pretty dummy proof. This thing is getting complicated. In a good way I suppose.

    I was going to hang in the yard tonight for fun. There is a nice breeze and I think it would be comfortable but I have work in the AM and I'm afraid I might be too comfortable and not want to get out of the 'mock.

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