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    Quote Originally Posted by medicjimr View Post
    I still need to treat the hammock and bug net when it gets here , Now has anyone got the permethrin from tractor supply or farm n fleet which I have heard some mention they get it there I saw many different brands and was like ok which one currently I use the sawyer brand spray
    I use Gordon's Permethrin 10. Dilute it 1 part concentrate for 19 parts water for the same concentration as Sawyers. Mix well.

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    Does anyone here know if Permethrin has a shelf-life (like sunscreen)? I still have about half of my bottle from last year, and I'd rather not buy a whole new bottle for this season.

    PS. Cutter also sells Picardin in an aerosol form, called Skinsations. This is the most convenient source of picardin I've found, I see them all the time in Lowes, Home Depot, ect. and I get mine from the local grocery store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LostCause View Post
    I'm a fan of both chemicals. Some trips I choose to carry the lemon eucalyptus bug spray, but I'm a still a big fan of picaridin. I just can't find it anywhere but wally world and only in those little pen-spray-thingys. Where are you getting yours BillyBob?
    Lowe's, believe it or not. And a full size container at WW recently. These are all 15%. I want to try some of the 20% Sawyers, but I have to order it.
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