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    MYOG peapod

    Hello from Finland!

    I have TTTM compact hammock. This summer i use marmot wave 0 long sleepingbag over my hammock and it was great! (hammock inside sleepinbag) Winter is coming so i need warmer bag and it should be about 1 to 2 feet longer.

    Peapod is what i need, but it is too expensive. So i think to do it myself. Do you have any options or idea of that?

    ps. sorry my bad english...

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    Your english is fine. Better than my finnish.

    You have a few options.
    Make an uq (underquilt) from another sleeping bag.
    Buy an uq from one of our fine vendors.
    Make an uq from down and fabric.
    Use an inflatable pad for bottom insulation.
    Use a closed cell foam pad for bottom insulation.

    Another option..
    Slice a small hole in the bottom (foot) of your bag and convert your bag into a pod style cacoon. Slide the foot end hole around the hammock. Suspend the bag under your hammock with shockcord.

    Check my gallery pics. I did a bag mod last year. It works. And minimal cost, your bag is still usable as a bag. Just has a hole in the foot.

    Its not perfect but the price is right. The bag zipped closed is a little tight.

    If you can find an extra long bag, and modify that, you could use your present bag on top and the new xl bag under?
    Ambulo tua ambulo.

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    sleepingbag hammock

    Here is pictures of my hammock with sleepinbag. Bag shoud be 1 feet longer.

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