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    making my own hammock

    for give me because i am new...
    My new grand turk (i think) UL hammock cam in friday. $26 shipped from somewhere on line. i hung it yesterday and ws quite comfy, so YES, I think I can sleep in a hammock for 10 nights.

    so went to wallmark yesterday and bought A LOT of ripstop. i have no idea of wt, water proof or anything. i want to build a double layer so i can insert sleeping pads (that I already have) in between.

    my current plan is a 11' x 54" and 2 side panels of 11' x 9". 1/2" hems and an open 4' section on one side middle for pad insertion. sew a channel on each end to pull in the gather and then tie off as per other threads I've seen on this forum.

    My wife will be gone the next 2 night and i want to have it finished when she gets home. is there anything you would change about this set up?

    i live in north fla and will not be using the hammock in the cold...hoping to get spring and fall trips to the smokies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kitesurfer View Post
    my current plan is a 11' x 54" and 2 side panels of 11' x 9". 1/2" hems and an open 4' section on one side middle for pad insertion.
    If you ever intend on using a self inflating pad (Thermarest) with it, I'd suggest sewing the middle section together and leaving the ends open. This makes it a little easier to reach the valve when adjusting firmness.

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    What are your plans for a bug net? My first hammock was a single layer gathered end similar to what you describe. I made a separate bug sock for that one. I am just now finishing a second hammock that is a blend between a gathered end and HC4U's HH clone with a built in net. The built in net will be more useful for me and was really not much harder to sew. If you consider the time to make a separate hammock & sock you can probably make one with an integrated net...

    Good luck and be sure to share pictures when complete!

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