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    I just don't get the "save to my maps" anywhere .....

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    Quote Originally Posted by spidennis View Post
    I just don't get the "save to my maps" anywhere .....
    Neither do I. I can see everyone else but nothing related to "add" or "save"

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    Quote Originally Posted by DownYonder View Post
    Neither do I. I can see everyone else but nothing related to "add" or "save"
    Yep, got the same issue. I think the problem is that the map opens in "Google My Maps", where you normally create or save your personal maps.
    It should open up in the "general" area of Google maps and display it there. Once it opens up there, you can then save it to where you want it to go.
    As such, I believe that link on the HF map page is incorrectly linked and should be updated.
    So, to the moderator(s) of the HF site or the person maintaining the map page, please update the link so that it opens up on "Google maps", NOT "Google My Maps".....

    Also, I don't even know if this is the correct map that shows up, as there only a few markers on this map, as opposed to the 982 pages of the Forum map related posts. That would suggest that there are A LOT of other people that registered. Is there actually another map with more markers?
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