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    Yep, that's how the addiction starts. First one hammock, then another and before you know it you're a full blown, hopeless addict. Your wife (and kids) making fun of you is just one of the symptoms.

    Welcome to the site and congrats on the good looking hammock. I see many more in your future.
    "Work to Live...Don't Live to Work!"

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    Masterful job!!

    Did you reinforce the fold over sections on the end? I can't tell for sure from the pictures.

    I do like the thorough way you sewed that seam . It looks like four times across and lots of long ways seams.

    I take it there is no sign of the seam pulling out, is there?

    Again, very nice work!!


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    yes each end on the hammock has three 2"wide polypro webbing pieces about 8" long and folded in half then sewen together with stitches along the edges to make a box and then tried to sew an "x" in the middle of the box, so far so good nothing pulling free yet.

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