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    Hammock Acronyms

    Hammocking Acronyms and Abbreviations

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    AR - Hennessy Hammock Adventure Racer
    ARL - Adjustable Ridge Line
    A-sym - Asymmetrical hammock, generally based on the Hennessy line
    BA - Big Agnes (pad manufacturer)
    BAIAC - Big Agnes insulated air core (pad)
    BB - Warbonnet Blackbird
    - Also, Blackbishop Bag
    BBO - Bear Burrito Oven (AHE topcover for BB)
    BEEP - Bottom Entry/Exit Portal
    BFTH - Breakfast From The Hammock
    BIAS - Butt In a Sling - manufacturer of lightweight hammocks
    BMBH - Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock
    BPL - BackPackingLight (website)
    BULA - Hennessy Hammock Backpacker Ultralight Asym
    BWDD - Backwoods Daydreamer
    BWDD-WDBWDD Winter Dream
    CBS - Cold Butt Syndrome
    CC - Crazy Creek
    CCF - closed cell foam, generally used for sleeping pads
    CJH - Clark Jungle Hammock
    CL - Continuous Loop
    CNA - Clark North American
    CONUS - Continental United States
    CRL- Continuous Ridge Line.
    DIY - Do It Yourself
    DL - Double Layer, as in a hammock with 2 fabric layers
    DMB - Dual Mode Bridge Hammock
    DWR - Durable Water Repellent, a wind- and water-resistant treatment for fabrics
    ELR - Hennesy Hammock Extreme Light Racer
    EXP - HH Explorer
    EXPED - HH Expedition
    - Also Exped, the company that makes the Downmat series of insulated inflatable sleeping pads
    GG - Gear Guide - brand name of the 9x9 "neo's tarp" sold by Sportsman's Guide
    - Also Granite Gear, known for lightweight packs
    - Also Gossamer Gear, known for ultralight hiking gear
    ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters - hammock manufacturer
    HAAB - "Hook And Attached Bag" refers to hammocks like ENO, TTTM, Trek Light, etc
    HF - Hammock Forums
    HH - Hennessy Hammocks - hammock manufacturer
    HYOH - Hike Your Own Hike or Hang Your Own Hammock
    IX - Insultex insulation
    JGH/PC - Jacks 'R' Better "Jeff's Gear Hammock / Pack Cover"
    JRB - Jacks 'R' Better - lightweight aftermarket hammock products
    KAQ - Kickass Quilts - synthetic underquilts
    MSH - Marlinspike Hitch
    MWUQ - JRB Mt. Washington Underquilt
    MYOG - Make Your Own Gear
    NOBO - Northbound - direction of a hiker's travel on long trails
    NS - Jacks 'R' Better No Sniveler down quilt
    OCF - open cell foam, sometimes used for sleeping pads, also used in Hennessy SuperShelter
    OES - Outdoor Equipment Supplier - lightweight aftermarket Tarps
    ORM - Jacks 'R' Better Old Rag Mountain down quilt
    PLUQ - Poncho Liner Under Quilt
    PP - Speer PeaPod
    PPod - Speer PeaPod
    PTI - Powered Thread Injector (not a sewing machine)
    RL- Ridge Line
    SBP - Skeeter Beater Pro
    SEEP - Side Entry/Exit Portal - often for hammock socks/pods
    SF - Speer SnugFit
    SG - Sportsman's Guide - sells the 9x9 camo "neo's tarp" by Gear Guide
    SLS - Single Line Suspension
    SOBO - Southbound - direction of a hiker's travel on long trails
    SPE - Segmented Pad Extender, a product by Speer Hammocks that uses pads and "wings" to insulate the hammock.
    SRL - Structural Ridge Line
    SSQ - Jacks 'R' Better Shenandoah Summer Quilt
    SS - Hennessy Hammocks SuperShelter
    - Also snakeskins
    - Also Jacks 'R' Better suspension system for underquilts
    STL - Jacks 'R' Better Self Tensioning Lines. AKA Tarp Tensioners.
    SUQ - Jacks 'R' Better Stealth Universal Quilt
    SWT - Speer Winter Tarp
    TLWUQ = JRB Torso Length Wearable Underquilt
    TPT - The Perfect Trees
    TPTP - The Perfect Trees Ptarmigan
    TPTI - The Perfect Trees Incubator
    TPTB - The Perfect Trees Burrow
    TQ - Top Quilt
    TTTM - Ticket To The Moon - hammock manufacturer
    UC - Undercover
    UCR - Utility Constrictor Rope
    UGQ- Under Ground Quilts
    UKH - UK Hammocks - hammock manufacturer
    UP - Underpad
    UQ - Underquilt
    VB - Vapor Barrier
    VCCB - Vaseline-Cotton-Cellulose Bombs
    WS - Weather Shield (Jacks 'R' Better or Clark Jungle Hammock)
    - Also, Whoopie Sling
    WB - Warbonnet
    WBSF - Warbonnet Superfly
    WBBB - Warbonnet Black Bird Hammock
    WBRR - Warbonnet Ridgerunner
    WS - Whoopie Slings


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