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Thread: Sleepless

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    I've been using for about 4 1/2 yrs and introduced a number of folks to the great sleep. A few, including spousette, could not initially give it up and simply go to sleep.

    Last week we did a 3 day trip along the Elwha River in the Olympic Mtns of WA.

    Two things helped.
    First we set it up around and inside the house so she could nap for 20-30 min --- wake up in it & go to sleep in it several times & learn to trust it .. NOT IN THE DARK DARK WOODS.

    Second, we rigged the Speers side by side just a few inches apart. She slept and snored all night ... now she's hooked and I gotta figure a way to rig double hence the question about tarping for doubling.
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    Try the Crossfit workout of the day ( and if that doesn't put you into rhabdomyolosis and kidney failure, you'll sleep soundly.

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