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    Welcome to the forums. Glad to see that your problem is working itself out. As for another hammock my go to hammock is a WBBB 1.7. I would not give it up for anything. But after watching Sgt Rock's recent video review of the No-See-Um No More Hammock Bliss. I had to get one to try myself. At $79.95 (even cheaper if you do a google search) it is a great bargain and I must say it is a darn fine hammock. I have hung in it a few times and give it two thumbs up. It has a definite place in my hammock arsonel.

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    Welcome, this is a great place to hang out and as you are aware, there is much to learn as you poke around HF. These guys are great! I am a guy on a tight budget and I hang in my GrandTrunk $39 and I love it. I figure, any hang is a good one, just stay in the air!

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    Hey Mark, I got your pm but could not reply, it states you opted not to, or can not receive pms for some reason. PM your phone number to me and we can set up the hammock demo on sunday afternoon if that works for you...Don

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    Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on my Mosquito hammock issue.

    I went to the post office to mail it back to Thailand and found that the shipping was going to be $43! Thats for just over 3lbs! I e-mailed Tom and he replied that it wasn't worth it for me to ship a damaged hammock back to him and for me to just keep it. He also refunded all of my purchase price!
    Now I really feel guilty! I mean, sure the slider was missing, but that hardly worth $150, but for me to ship it back to him and have him reimburse me the shipping costs, I'm sure his profit margin would have been close to zero.
    He said he wants 100% satisfaction and I guess he means business!

    I plan on telling EVERYONE what a GREAT person he's to deal with and I plan on giving his hammock some great reviews! Its not like I'm lying about that either, as so many people have already attested to that fact! Thanks Tom!!!

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    probly DIY
    two trees?


    dang your a big guy. i wish i could help im in the same boat your in. no hommock yet. i would recommend a hennessy hammock they get alot of great review let me know how well your next hammock handles.

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    Mosquito hammock issue
    While I have not bought a hammock from Tom, I did buy a tarp from him and I am very pleased with it. Good value for the money.

    Like others have said, it will not be long before you have a bunch of hammocks. They each have their own personalities. I started this year with 0 hammocks and now have 5 and still find myself checking out others.

    For overnight hangs I vote for the BlackBird

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    I met up with BushMedic on Sunday afternoon to check out his hammocks.
    The first one he pulled out was the only one I needed to see...the Blackbird!
    Man is that thing great! That will be my next major soon as I get some of these credit cards paid off and the wife calms down
    I slept in my Mosquito hammock Sunday night. That was my first time sleeping in a hammock. I had a difficult time trying to sleep on a diagonal in this hammock because there just seemed like there wasn't enough room.
    I know the Blackbird has that extra material off to the side which would make that so easy. It was a relaxing sleep though and I even slept in till 8 a.m.!
    Of course I checked the nights forecast and there was no mention of rain, but I put the rain fly up any way. Guess what happened at 1 a.m.? Yep, it rained, but I did stay dry.
    Now I'm working on the suspension system. That in and of itself is a lot of work!
    BushMedic showed me the Whoopie Sling and I did like it, but I think I'm gonna give it a try by myself and see what I can come up with. I do have a plan after many hours on the internet. I wanted to buy some of those descending rings and I have a REI not too far away, but of course they didn't have them in stock. So I ordered them and their supposed to be in next week Friday.

    I should have taken a picture of my setup on Sunday night! It was a spaghetti mess of ropes and carabiners! I knew I had suspension issues that would need to be worked out. Oh well...that was my first setup and I'm trying to fix that mess all the while as I plan my next hammock purchase
    Man is this addicting!

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