I finally used your (quilt & underquilt) and it worked out awesome during my three week bicycle, trail running & hiking trip to the Canadian Rockies & Glacier National Park. I ended using my Clark NX-200 and was able to fill the two pocket with the little gear that I had to keep my head warm and then moved the underquilt down from there. It looks like the temps got down to the low 40's so I had more than enough insulations in case it got down to the 20's. Thankfully, it did not.

Only problem was when I was backcountry hiking in Glacier National Park (Many Glaciers). Ranger said he did not think there was many trees at the campsites to hang so I decided to take my brothers extra sleeping pad and scrap the hammock and share the tent. Trees all around and the sleeping pad had a leak so I had three days of sleeping on hard ground with trees suitable for hanging all around me.

Thanks for keeping me warm.