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    SOLD: Poison Pot, Mini Bongo, Bongo simmer top, Choke Hazard, pot stand

    Hello All,

    Okie, more cleaning up of stuff I never use...

    Basically, this offer is for somebody looking to try a lot of different UL stoves that MBD offers. There is more here than a person needs, so the idea is to try them all, find one you like, and sell the rest of them, or, do a 'pass-it-along' to others here at HF.

    Here is what I am offering, it's an "all or nothing" package

    MBD Poison Pot -- heavily used every day for three months. 80% original condition, standard flame scars on wrap, missing the lid (I have no idea where along the trail I lost it, and you can get a new one from MBD for five bucks) -- This product is not available from MBD at this time.

    MBD Mini Bongo -- I used this once, indoors. Cute little sucker. It takes 10-12 minutes to soft-boil a full MBD Poison Pot of water and about 1.5-2 ounces. I was never able to get it to do a hard-boil of anything more than 8 ounces of water. Meh. This will come with the stupid little micro-tubing that tinny decided to use, and the fuel bottle.

    MBD Bongo simmer top -- This came with my Bongo Pro. I have zero purpose for this and cannot see any reason to lug it along with the normal bongo pro kit I carry.

    MBD Choke Hazard -- Ok, this will be hard to give up, but, I rarely use it. Without a doubt one of the most awesome truly SUL stoves that exist. I love this sucker. It just requires a bit more 'pay attention factor' than what I care to give a stove. I like to start a stove and setup camp. With this little guy, there is constant refilling. Love it... I really really do!!... but it just does not fit into the mix of how I do things.

    Four loop ultra lite pot stand -- This is the standard pot stand for the MBD CH and all the other stoves listed above. The only difference is that I cut out some of the supporting wires. It comes with only one notch cut out... that makes it almost impossible to use and I do not understand it. Thus, I cut out a few more to make it easier to get the tubing to fit without having to feed it through a little hole in the wires or have the MBD CH line get all messed up. Trust me, its better this way.

    Hodgepodge -- Okie, the one thing in this deal that I did not directly pay for. Somebody sent me an older (very much older) "top" that must have been an early version of the "pongo pro simmer top". All I got was the top. However, I have attached it to a 'replacement silicone tube' (the big blue thing) and attached the standard blue fuel tubing to it... and than attached a solid "base" that I had sitting around. This is a total hodgepodge of different "stuff" I just had sitting around and wanted to get rid of. I am not factoring any of this stuff into the price. Try it and enjoy it. If you really enjoy it, use it and give the other stoves away - totally up to you.

    Oh, and yes... the plastic zip-lock will be included too It is how MBD packages most of the stoves I get from them lately, so... a little humor passed along.

    Here is a photograph of what you will be getting:


    Choke Hazard
    Fuel bottle
    Fuel bottle cap
    Mini Bongo
    Bongo simmer top
    A plastic bag - giggle

    Pot stand
    hodgepodge setup
    Poison Pot (minus the elusive lid)

    Not pictured:

    I will make sure that all of the stoves have fresh Carbon-Felt wick... I have enough that I can throw some in each of them - even though some of them did not come with it.

    Retail new on this stuff would be: $125

    So, lets do $65 and it is yours.

    Price includes shipping CONUS.

    PayPal "personal-gift" only (I have a business paypal account, so it has to be a "personal gift" else I get charged a fee)

    I am really bummed I cannot offer the Poison Pot without a lid. Believe me when I say I was pretty pissed when I realized I'd lost it. If you find a Poison Pot lid in the middle of the Redwoods... it's gotta be mine

    (, posting these for-sale posts really do take a long time...)

    Anyway, that's about it. Sweet deal for somebody looking to get their hands on a mixture of MBD UL stoves!

    Last edited by Redwood Guy; 09-05-2010 at 12:35. Reason: added offer of carbon-felt wick

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    Quilts :P
    too bad you won't split this up...i would buy the Choke Hazard and stand
    It puts the Underquilt on it's hammock ... It does this whenever it gets cold

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    webbing, whoOpies
    someone in WTB wants a poison pot

    Redwood Guy,

    Thanks for the DutchClips for our friend and my AT hiking partner.
    A 76yr old AT hiker who got his first hammock.

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    Potential Buyer has contacted me.

    @GHawk, yeah, I posted a message in the persons thread... but, looks like somebody already grabbed it. Sure thing on the dutchclips. Will probably get them out first of next week... or very late this week, if all things considered are lucky.


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    All I really want is the Poison pot, $65 seems a little high. If you decide to sell seperately I would be interested.

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    I'm the same as Greenlespaul, I would buy the CH and stand if you are willing to sell separately!

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    still have the poison pot if so I would buy it

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    Hey All,

    Sorry for the late response. Buddies birthday was today and a bunch of us took him out for dinner and some really lame and ubber cheesy 1985 movie called "Legend" - oh the pain. Almost as bad (but not) as Princes Bride.

    Anyway, I have somebody who has picked this set up.

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